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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Batwoman Season 3 Episode 11: Broken Toys

February 3rd, 2022 by Todd Black Comments

Last week, I noted that after the very confusing ending the Poison Ivy storyline that I wasn’t excited that we were going back to Marquis (apologies for not spelling his name right before) and his “Joker” act. And after “Broken Toys”…I feel I was right to dread his return. But what has me livid is a single line of dialogue from one of my favorite characters on the show…Sophie.

I’ve noted for a while now that I hate the pairing of Ryan and Sophie, for various reasons. They’ve given Sophie almost nothing to do this season but be the romantic foil for Ryan, and I hate that. And they really don’t mesh like I’ve seen many shippers state. But tonight, tonight…they pushed me over the edge faster than a Joker joybuzzer would’ve. All because of one line of dialogue.

“I’ve been into Ryan long before I knew she was Batwoman.”

How? How in the ever living FORK is that true (Good Place reference if you didn’t know)? Notice how they cut that off before we found out that answer? It’s because it doesn’t make sense that this is possible on ANY level! Think about it, WHEN was she POSSIBLY into Ryan? Was it when she first met her during her arrests? You know, the time when she was married to a man and thought she was nothing more than a criminal? Something that carried over when she met her again at the beginning of Season 2?

Was it when she was still denying her feelings for Kate? You know, the dominant storyline of Season 1? One that got rekindled in Season 2 and their passionate kiss (with Kate 2.0) all to signify that this was sadly over? Tell us Sophie, when where you “into Ryan” before you knew she was Batwoman? And more than that, WHY were you into Ryan before she was Batwoman? Because none of this makes any sense at all.

Look, I have no doubt that the writers and team were told that after what happened with Ruby Rose and then her replacement with Wallis Day (she’s not a good person apparently…) that they should mention Kate as little as possible. And to an extent, I get that. But this isn’t about mentioning Kate, this is about trying to rewrite history to force a couple to happen.

There is no logical way for Sophie to have been smitten with Ryan before she really got to know her, because she didn’t know her long enough and well enough to have those feelings. Especially right after she found out she was Batwoman, and then found out Kate was alive. Not to mention, remember the beginning of Season 3 where she was having flings all over the place? And was more than willing to get with Renee? They are literally turning Sophie into nothing more than the “hurt feelings girl” because Ryan won’t acknowledge her. Since when was Sophie EVER that? She is too good of a character to be turned into this, and it breaks my heart that they’re rewriting her character just so she can “logically be with Ryan”.

Ok…so…that’s out of my system, shall we get to the rest of the episode? Because there’s plenty of other bad to go around.

Such as Marquis getting access to Arkham so he can release inmates he wants to use…without any blowback from the people of the city? Not to mention, one of the people he “released” ended up killing someone and threatening to kill others, and yet…he’s not getting anyone to come after him legally or criminally? Hmm…

Meanwhile, when did Victor Zsasz become a sap for family drama? That was just sad how he was monologuing the drama of Jada and Ryan as if he actually cared. Him connecting with Ryan in that “congrats, but sorry”, bit? That was kind of funny. Everything else? Not so much.

Speaking of Jada, how many plot holes do you think I can find in her “new story” about why she gave away Ryan? Hint: A lot. Not the least of which was that she apparently was trying to setup Ryan with ‘a nice family’ and gave the doc $2 million dollars to make it happen…and then the doc ran away with the money and Ryan went to foster care? …what?

You’re telling me, that someone as calculating and detail-oriented, not to mention vindictive, as Jada Jet would not follow up to make sure her exact orders were followed to the letter? Especially with a daughter she “wanted to make sure had a good life”? If she was that concerned, why not personally give Ryan to the family? Or transfer the money to their account and not the doctors? She’s not an idiot, and yet that’s how they portrayed her via this plan that could backfire a million ways, and in fact, did that!

And then that line about “the best thing I ever did for you was not be in your life” and how Ryan “made herself important” was just…pure crap. She’s only in the position she’s in because she found the Batsuit…which led to her becoming Batwoman…and then she saved Kate Kane…who gave her the company! She did nothing to earn any of her high standing! It was literally, and canonically, given to her. So what in the heck are they talking about?

Think I’m done? NOPE! Mary struggling with her sins as Poison Mary was indeed compelling, if not on the nose at times via the “toymaker” to Joker. But her wanting to “do the work to atone”? That’s pure Mary. I liked that. What happened with Alice though? Not so much.

They keep pivoting on what they want Alice to be, and it’s getting annoying. Including her thinking that the Joker’s joybuzzer would fix her, and trying to convince Mary to get it for her. …because Mary is now just going to drop everything for Alice even though she’s not Poison Mary anymore? Not to mention, doing so would mean betraying the friends that she’s trying to atone with…? And notice how everyone THINKS that this will fix Marquis or Alice…without any proof otherwise? Right…

In the end, ‘Broken Toys’ just had me shaking my head and even raging against the machines (LOT reference) because of how they handled certain things. We have two episodes left this season, and I honestly have no idea how they’re going to end it. And to be frank…it’d take a BIG ending to make me think it was worth the journey to get to it.


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