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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Batwoman Season 3 Episode 8: Trust Destiny

January 13th, 2022 by Todd Black Comments

Following the very lackluster return of Legends of Tomorrow, I was honestly very worried about what Batwoman might bring (see my LOT review that was just posted to see what I mean). “Trust Destiny” did do some things right, but typical of Batwoman fashion these last two seasons, they also did some things wrong in frustrating fashion.

Let’s start with the positive. Seeing the relationship between Renee and the finally arriving Pamela Isley was nice. Why? Because we got to see that Renee honestly cared for Pam, but, we also saw that Pamela, even in her Poison Ivy state, really cared for Renee. Even asking her multiple times to come with her, and to “trust her because she knows what she’s doing”. They could’ve EASILY made it that the “Poison Ivy transformation” made her “cold and heartless” like many interpretations (including recent ones in the comics) have shown her to be. But instead, we got to see that she still had her heart, even when Renee “betrayed” her.

I always look for the little things in episodes to make them shine, and the tulip bit was exactly that. Seeing why it mattered, and then it showing up at the end was great, and emotionally powerful.

Which brings us to my new favorite Dynamic Duo (sorry Sophie/Alice), Alice and Mary. While the midseason finale did tease the new relationship between Mary and Alice, this episode made it blossom. From Mary taking Alice’s advice, to Alice comforting Mary at the end of the episode in a very sisterly way, I like how they’re growing this bond in a fun, yet oddly natural way.

What’s more, “Poison Mary” is another great example of staying true to a character while also not going full-tilt (unlike a certain person I’ll get to…) in an irrational and over-the-top way. Poison Mary wants Ryan and co. to back off and is willing to do bad things to get it to happen. But, when she sees that Ryan chose Luke over her, and thus ignored her again, it filled her with pain. She doesn’t want to end Ryan, that’s not who Mary (or Poison Mary) is. She just wants Ryan to finally see her and appreciate her without any strings attached. That’s very deep, and something you can sympathize with.

Which was NOT the case with Marcus, at all. His full-tilt transformer into the “Batwoman Joker” was not only very cliche, it was dealt with by episodes end. You know, just like Hush’s transformation into Bruce Wayne? Or how Jada Jett went from rival to “concerned parent”? The reason someone like The Joker can get away with his behavior is that we DON’T know what’s wrong with him, that’s half the point. That’s why most people don’t want a true definitive origin for The Joker (despite Killing Joke and others trying to make it happen) because readers love the idea of a psycho who just doesn’t mind being psycho for no apparent rhyme or reason.

But here, we KNOW that Marcus isn’t right in the head, and that his mother (and now his sister) is trying to save him, so his antics are just…pathetic, to be honest.

Which…brings us to Ryan, who had me rolling my eyes (again) in record time once she appeared on screen. Why? Because as Renee pointed out (and as I pointed out in my last review), Marcus should be in JAIL right now because…wait for it…HE KILLED SOMEONE! And instead, he was spared because…he’s family? THAT’S IT?!?!!

Did Ryan forget that his mother could’ve easily worked her magic to get him out, or, to get him treated IN JAIL or Arkham? But no, she decided to not have him arrested for killing someone, or almost killing Luke because, “it’s not his fault” and he “needs help”? Where’s that logic for Alice? Or for virtually all the other villains she’s fought? They’re clearly not right in the head, and yet she didn’t mind putting them behind bars. But because “he’s family”…a family she never knew until in-canon a few days ago and suddenly…she cares for him over the lives of everyone else?

Never forget, Kate put Alice back in Arkham, and that was her sister that she never gave up on. But Ryan couldn’t put away a KILLER that she barely knows because “he needs help”? What?!?!

Oh, and her very snide remarks to Sophie and to Renee about their relationship with both each other and Renee’s relationship with Pam? Incredibly tacky? “Tell me she had a good personality…” are you kidding me, Ryan? Did you date a drug dealer that you went to bat for multiple times right up until the end when you put her in witness protection? Who are you to judge?

Speaking of Renee, that ending twist was a bit…odd. For various reasons. Not the least of which is that at the end, she was alone with Pam, no supervision, and yet despite getting what she wanted as Sophie implied, she didn’t immediately bring her back to life. She just sat there and talked with her until the tulip came out. They mentioned MULTIPLE TIMES that all she needed was water to bring her back. So if her whole plan was to bring her back…why didn’t she do it the moment Sophie was gone? Hopefully this will get fleshed out because I would hate for Renee (who has been a great character so far) to get derailed by bad logic.

In the end, “Trust Destiny” had some great moments and character interactions, but key ones got weighed down again by rushed storytelling and confusing logic. But Poison Ivy, and Poison Mary, are about to meet…so this might get very interesting very quick…hopefully.


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