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TV Reviews: FTN Reviews Batwoman Season 3 Episode 9: Meet Your Maker

January 20th, 2022 by Todd Black Comments

When it comes to TV and movies, there are always little “pet peeves” that make someone hate a show, or at the very least, hate that they go in a certain angle when they don’t need to. For me, one of my pet peeves is that of relationships taking unnecessary turns, or being forced together. It drives me crazy when it happens in comics, and to see it in TV shows and movies in the most cringe way possible is sad. And that’s the crux of “Meet Your Maker”, good relationships and one really bad relationship on full display.

Let’s start not with the good, but with the ironic. Because I’m more invested in the relationship with Renee and Pam than I am in the OTHER relationship that got “revealed” today. The chemistry between them is undeniable, but just as important, we got to see the LAYERS that drove Renee to do what she did both for better and for worse. She has always loved Pamela, but she wants her to look beyond her vendetta to be a better person. Pamela loves Renee, and wants to be with her, but she wants her support no matter what she does.

That is relatable, for better and for worse, and to see Renee take extreme measures to stop Pam from getting to full strength was powerful, even when it admitted them having a toxic relationship. And while I thought I would be against it at first (because Renee is a very good character in the comics and other media), I understood why she couldn’t take down Ivy. Because she loved her too much.

And again, we’ve only “seen” this relationship in two episodes, and it’s that dang compelling. The other one? Not so much. But I’ll get to that.

The other strong relationship here was between Mary and Alice. Who had to admit just how strongly they connected since “Poison Mary” was born and how utterly ironic it was that they “found the sister they always wanted” in each other even after everything that happened between them.

And as ridiculous as that sounds, it’s true. Mary’s “awakening” brought them closer together, and as Alice admitted last week, through Mary, she found not just connection but her “sanity” again. She doesn’t want to  lose that, or Mary, so it was so rewarding to see Alice want to protect Alice from what Ivy might just do to her, even if it meant being the “overprotective sister”. My only gripe was Mary using her powers on Alice when it was clear that Alice honestly had the best intentions here.

Ok, NOW let’s talk about Sophie and Ryan…because I honestly feel I have to explain why I don’t like this relationship, and the kiss that happened.

First and foremost, yes, I understand that a lot of fans out there like #Wildermoore or whatever other ship name they use. But for me? It’s forced, and Sophie honestly deserves better than Ryan in VARIOUS WAYS.

Not the least of which is the pettiness of Ryan that has been shown since Renee came into the “picture”. Who is she to judge Sophie about this? Why did Sophie feel bad about it happening when she’s a grown woman who decided to have a fling with someone she connected with? And did we forget that she was “connecting” with a LOT of other women in the beginning of the season?

Second, I’ve felt from the MOMENT that this relationship was teased that it was a misuse of Sophie, and transplanting of the relationship that Kate and Sophie had. Do the showrunners really expect me to forget how they blew up that relationship in the worst way possible…only for them to have Sophie suddenly have feelings for Ryan? Really?

And Sophie even called out how she has changed a lot to be a better person to Ryan, and Ryan doesn’t care! Ryan’s defense? “I have a lot on my plate, so I don’t know what I want.” That’s just crap. Period. So yeah, Sophie deserves better. And the fact that she doesn’t see that? Is bad writing.

Oh, and I STILL maintain that Sophie would be a better Batwoman than Ryan. No doubt in my mind.

Speaking of which…what are they doing to Luke? His “revelation” that his dad didn’t reveal the suit to him was because, “I’m not a hero”? Are you kidding me? There are a thousand reasons he likely didn’t reveal that suit to him. Not the least of which was that it A) might not have been 100% ready. And it’s not. B) He wanted to make sure Luke was mentally and physically prepared for what being a costumed hero means. Which as he proved in various ways Lucius was right about thinking. C) He didn’t want his son to be like Batman given all he saw him go through. And I could go on.

That graveside bit about him letting go of Lucius because “he was holding him back” was horrible, and the absolute wrong message to send given that not 8 episodes ago they were saying that Luke was going through PTSD. How is letting go of family the right answer to curing that? Exactly.

Other minor gripes. How convenient that Sophie got “wrapped up” by the root instead of impaled immediately like the hunter was. Why did Renee leave Mary unattended instead of ensuring that she didn’t meet up with Ivy? How did our “tremendous trio” get out of the woods when all of their rides were destroyed and not alerting Ivy?

Finally, Diggle. Suddenly he knows Jada Jett and used to work for her? Ok… And will they PLEASE just do the Green Lantern thing? It’s getting really annoying him just “hopping around” with very little purpose. Oh, and you KNOW that the buzzer isn’t going to work.

In the end, “Meet Your Maker” did a very typical Batwoman thing at this point. Excelled at some things, and did poorly in others.


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