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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Black Lightning Season 01 Episode 07: Equinox: The Book Of Fate

March 7th, 2018 by Todd Black Comments

Well…that was surprising. Black Lightning is truly shining in its debut season, and as I’ve noted in my previous reviews, it’s because it doesn’t stay stagnant, something is always going on. And “Equinox: The Book Of Fate” proved that in spades, for no fewer than four significant characters died tonight, and one made a literal resurrection.

I was going to praise the episode because of its use of Anissa’s power discovery by her parents and how it divided them on how to handle the situation. It was great to see Lyn, Jefferson and Anissa all weigh in on how she should be treated, what she should do, and what comes next. This was a very believable situation of sorts (given superpowers that is). And by the end, Thunder is now two major steps closer to being born.

And yet, Black Lightning didn’t stop there. Instead, they furthered the Tobias/Lady Eve storyline in very unexpected ways. First, Lady Eve and Gambi agreed that Joey Toledo should die, and Gambi killed him! Then, Tobias and his sister plotted to kill Lady Eve, and they did it, with weapons designed to frame Black Lightning.

But that wasn’t the only twist, as Black Lightning finally got to Tobias, and managed to get a few hits on him, but Tobias escaped…but his sister didn’t live through the encounter.

Finally, there’s Lala…remember him? Yeah, Tobias killed him in episode 02…and…now he’s back. Somehow, and he has a tattoo of Lawanda (the woman he murdered that episode) on his chest…somehow. Where is this all going? Don’t look at me.

Now, not everything worked, I’m very curious on how Tobias had those guns made to kill Lady Eve so quickly. What’s more, after so much time spent fleshing out how Lady Eve was connected to Gambi and the 100, it seems odd that they would kill her so quickly. Season finale? Sure. Midway through? Not so much.

Where things go from here is a bit of a mystery. The police think Black Lightning killed Lady Eve, and that will change things. Gambi is making Anissa her super suit, which means Thunder is only a few episodes away, and Tobias is going to be furious that his sister is dead. Without a doubt, things continue to get exciting in this series.

4.5 out of 5 nerds


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