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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 11: Lynn’s Addiction

January 28th, 2020 by Todd Black Comments

After a somewhat lackluster return last week with too many storylines going down, “Lynn’s Addiction” did help bring things back into a more focused light. There were still a lot of storylines going, but at least they weren’t all over the place with the exception of one.

First and foremost, Jennifer finally came clean with what Odell’s been manipulating her to do, including killing some people in the name of “peace”. The use of the previous seasons’ storyline of keeping Jennifer contained for a long time really played a factor in this scene and it helped bring some emotional depth to it all. From Jennifer explaining why she was willing to follow Odell, to Jefferson talking about why he did what he did for her. And it was good, and Brandon’s scene with Jefferson was absolutely classic, “Do you know what a unich is?” Funny stuff.

But sadly, they didn’t commit to Jennifer’s “I’ve learned my lesson”, phrase, but she went off half-cocked multiple times in the episode, and continued to blame others for things she had no idea about. She literally said that she didn’t want to be like her Earth-2 (the evil one) self and yet she was willing to kill Odell no matter what, even if it meant costing Freeland’s freedom in the process, and the whole, “I’ll never trust you again” and then the “I’ll never forgive you for this” was just utterly cheesy. Is her name Lightning, or Lightswitch? I’m just saying.

Lynn’s storyline had some surprising depth tonight, with her getting her Greenlight serum just in time (thanks to a mole in the ASA) to spring Tobias Whale out so that the pod kids could be saved. Her punching out Tobias was another really cool moment, and while this addiction storyline has to come to another head, it’ll be good to see where this goes…now that she’s in the hands of the Markovians. Plus, that ASA Mole has a confessional tape that can be in play…

The sidestory about Lala was a curious one, as it did indeed confirm that Lady Eve is alive, but not by Crisis’ hands, but by Lazurus (the guy who brought back Lala). Where this story goes is unclear, but they’ve done roundabout stories with Lala before that have mostly paid off, so we’ll see where it goes.

And of course, Kalil being revealed to Jennifer, and having TC there to possibly shut off his chip to bring him back to “normal” is an interesting twist. Let’s just hope they don’t milk this one too much before we get more progress.

In the end, “Lynn’s Addiction” had some good forward movement on various things, but with Lynn now in enemy hands, we’ll need to see how Black Lightning and crew handle the Markovian situation. Oh, and Odell being from Gotham? We should’ve seen that one coming.


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