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TV Reviews: FTN Reviews Gotham Season 04 Episode 07: A Day In The Narrows

November 3rd, 2017 by Todd Black Comments

After an interesting intro to Professor Pyg in the last episode, Gotham took a detour of sorts to show the lengths both Penguin and the GCPD would go to catch him. “A Day In The Narrows’ wasn’t the best, however, it did sew the seeds for some potential greatness down the line.

I did like how the fallout of Pyg’s arrival was still ongoing. Many thought this would be a two-parter, but now it seems like it’s going on for a bit longer. Gordon was still very much on his own at the beginning of his episode, and when Pyg revealed he was going to kill all the cops but him, which forced Harvey to make some tough decisions, it seemed like he was even more alone.

The fact that the Penguin wanted to get involved in things to help boost his own PR was brilliant, even though the scene in his house with Sofia and the orphans was odd to say the least. Why was the kid staring at him? We’ll never know!

It’s fun to see Pyg’s fascination with Jim, and the lengths he’ll go to protect him as he KNOWS he’s one of the few good cops on the force, and Jim showed multiple times over today while though he has done bad things, he’s willing to change, unlike many others. I personally loved how his heroic save of everyone led to cops starting to see his point of view.

Oh, and though short lived, I actually liked Head Hunter. But I hope Zsasz is back next week.

Moving on, Bruce’s struggle with the aftermath of his killing of Ra’s is a fun direction for the character. He’s been trying to be a hero for so long, and now he’s broken his code, what is he now? Well, he’s lost, and he’s got to fall before he gets back up. What this led to was an interesting scene or two of him showing how childlike he can be, but also how he’s evolving as Bruce Wayne. That “buying the bar” scene was very reminiscent of Bale buying the restaurant in Batman Begins. Oh, and Tommy Elliot is back! I hope he stays around.

The weakest storyline though was the “Sirens”. It felt weird to see Barbra just give up on the business now that Ra’s is gone, and it felt just as weird that Selina (who can slip out of anywhere) was trapped by biker thugs basically. Hopefully this reunification will go somewhere big.

In the end, “A Day In The Narrows” had some good spots, but some odd ones too. Hopefully things will start to boil over as we head to the midseason finale.

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