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TV Reviews: FTN Reviews Krypton Season 2 Episode 9: Blood Moon

August 8th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

So yeah, that got dark. “Blood Moon” had a lot to do in order to make it a true penultimate episode of the season, and some slow bits aside, it didn’t disappoint. The sight of seeing Doomsday “KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!” was chilling. And something I don’t think has ever happened in the comics to my knowledge. And when you saw him touchdown on the moon and look just menacing, you knew everyone was screwed.

And as Adam rightfully noted, there was no way for them to beat Doomsday. The only person who has ever (technically) done it is Superman. Who isn’t here. So the question of how they would survive was paramount.

I loved how the writing team took the idea of just “surviving Doomsday” and turned it into a multi-part story that delivered many key things for various people. Such as Nyssa leading the raid on the dropship so that she could prove her worth (and epic slow-motion battle skills!) to everyone once again. Or having Seg/Kem planting mines to destroy the cave tunnels to bury Doomsday, or having Adam be the one to save Val not once, but twice, and then get paralyzed as a result.

You kind of knew someone had to die, but the question was who. At the beginning, it felt like Val, and then maybe Adam, but no, it was Kem. Who had proven to be more than just a regular character and was worthy of our emotions. That Star Trek II-esque scene was very powerful. You knew Seg couldn’t die for obvious reasons but you understand why he had to do the sacrifice. And Kem wisely noting that other people “need to step up” was true. No true hero can do everything alone, even Superman has help at times.

Seeing him go out so brutally, yet still get the last…uh…finger if you will was really cool and a great sendoff. You will be missed.

As will the moon, because they blew it up! lol

The Lyta storyline took a lesser seat this episode, but it still played really well. Her scene with Jaina about how she betrayed her was heartbreaking, but seeing Jaina note that there was nothing to forgive was great. Jaina has done a total 180 from last season and though it was odd at the beginning of the season, it’s worth it now given Lyta’s storyline.

Which has gotten even more complicated because of Nyssa and Dax. You know, the “friend zoned”? Yeah, both of them admitted their feelings to their “not partners” and while a bit on the nose, it did come off well enough. This will no doubt play well in Season 3.

In the end, “Blood Moon” set a lot of things up for an epic season finale. The moon is gone, Zod has temporarily lost Doomsday, Lyta has a plan, and Seg is getting help from…Lobo? Sure, why not?

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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