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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 1: Meet The Legends

January 22nd, 2020 by Todd Black Comments

Legends of Tomorrow went from an interesting but flawed spinoff featuring many of the “B-List” characters of the various Arrowverse characters to being one of the best things on TV with its funny and wacky personality and ideas. And after “Crisis On Infinite Earths”, things were indeed going to be very interesting for the Legends, especially Sara given the loss of Oliver. But despite a unique premise, “Meet The Legends” is very much a “take it or leave it” kind of thing.

On one hand, the idea of the Legends being famous (via their season 4 finale antics) is a nice twist, even if some of the Legends (Ray) aren’t exactly the most popular around. Anyway, after that, the Senate decided to shut down the Time Bureau and without some “transparency” the Waverider would be impounded. Which apparently means that a “documentary” about the Legends needed to be done. Ok…

Look, comedy is subjective, and I’ve noted in my reviews in the past that sometimes the Legends go for hard comedy and it just doesn’t work in my eyes, and mine alone. And this? Yeah, this was that kind of thing. On one hand, having the Legends react in their various ways to the limelight was creative, but it got old really quick. Especially when some of them tried to ham it up and get “catchphrases” and other things. Plus, Gary still needs to die, I’m just saying.

What’s worse, this should’ve been a big moment for Sara, her world has just been shaken up big time by the loss of Oliver, and aside from a few scenes, she has no time to grieve, or even talk about it. And of course, this led to yet another almost breakup of Avalance. WHY!?!?!! JUST KEEP THEM TOGETHER DANG IT, THEY’RE ADORABLE!!!

*ahem* anyway. So yeah, many of the scenes were hit or miss, with the exception of the John Constantine scenes (in spite of Gary, obviously), as Matt Ryan continues to impress. And the idea of the “Encores” will no doubt lead to some very interesting things and cameos from various bad people of history. Rasputin was a good start, but I hope they’ll go deeper.

I do like though that they seem to be trimming the fat of the Legends (even though Gary is still around…), Mona is apparently gone, our shapeshifter is now gone in time, Constantine is going to the underworld to find out more about what’s going on, and Zari is still not around…yet.

We’ll see how this all goes, but “Meet The Legends” really felt like an odd way to start off Season 5 in light of Crisis.

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