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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 13: I Am Legends

May 20th, 2020 by Todd Black Comments

So yeah, that got dark. “I Am Legends” decided to play a slightly different formula for the show tonight, and it kind of tripped itself up as a result.

In short, with a day of immortality in them, the Legends need to use the Loom of Fate before it’s too late. But, because of Astra, they’re stuck in England with no way to the Waverider and the Fates preparing to use the rings themselves. They need to find a way back, or else.

On the plus side, there was some fun little moments that helped make the “zombie invasion” thing feel fresh. Like having Constantine be immuned to them because of his doomed soul (which would say what of Mick, exactly?) or Ava and Sara doing their perfect Avalance thing across many levels. Or that funny bit after Constantine and Zari knocked boots and Charlie knew that they had, her look was priceless. But other aspects didn’t ring as well.

While the zombie bit was nice, it got overplayed really quick. Including the military coming in and labeling them “Super Zombies”. I mean, really? Or the end where of course they’re surrounded by zombies and they all slowly get picked off one by one.  We all KNOW they’re going to come back, it’s just a matter of how, and that “how” is indeed the Loom of Fate, which is no doubt going to be used because Charlie is back with her sisters…for now.

And then…there’s Gary. The good news is, I got to watch him die again (the first time was in the dog episode where Sara snapped his neck in a vision). The bad news? I had to watch him try to “save the day” for like 20 minutes, no one should have to suffer through that. I seriously cannot express how much I hate the character of Gary. There’s incompetence, there’s stupidity…and then there’s Gary. How he couldn’t realize the truth about Gideon, the way he acted with Astra, it was all so…terrible. And let’s be honest, ANYONE could’ve helped her “see the light”, and Gary did it in the worst and most annoying way possible. It’s frustrating.

Also, while Zari and Constantine hooking up has been teased, I wish they had done it in a way that was the whole, “I would be with you if you were the last person on Earth!” deal. I mean…it’s just bad to watch.

In the end, “I Am Legends” tried hard to impress, but it just didn’t work out like they hoped it would.

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