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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 3: The Ex-Factor

May 17th, 2021 by Todd Black Comments

See? Promise delivered! You’re welcome! And now, back to our regularly scheduled program!

Given how Legends of Tomorrow is absolutely one to go and make fun of pop culture in all the best ways, it’s not surprising that they would go and do a riff on all the singing shows that have been on TV over the last 2 decades, including their resurgence via shows like The Voice and Masked Singer and “The Ex-Factor” did indeed do that in a fun way.

Whether you actually liked this episode will honestly entirely depend on whether you like singing shows like these as there were plenty of performances to fill up the show. So if you’re into that thing (and this genre of reality show) you’ll probably think it was top-tier! If not…well…at least there was some other stuff.

Including our new alien Lord…uh…let’s just call him Lord N. A robotic alien (kind of…) who came to Earth to challenge its “king” and claim the throne of Earth for himself. But, in a fun twist of fate, he got confused with a King of the TV show “Da Throne” and…well…you can guess what happened next.

The main crux of this episode was honestly that of Zari returning to her own time and having to bask herself back into the celebrity life for the first time since joining the Legends and it had its ups and downs for sure. Yes, she used her fame to get back onto the show, but she had to have a confrontation with her mother, deal with her feelings for John, fight off the fury of her ex, and more. It was a big episode for her.

I don’t mind them going full-force with Zari on this episode (and giving Spooner a small break to “take it all in”) but boy did they go tropey with some of these conversations. Like the mom saying she WANTED to be happy for her and support her but not being happy that she was dating a “con man” (which to be fair is what John is most of the time). Or the assistant who was both Zari’s friend and yet willing to screw with her (and John…) to “move things along” it was a bit cringe-inducing. Also, if this was 2045 why wasn’t Behrad more of a role in this?

Meanwhile, Rory is going through depression because his last “OG” friend is on a mysterious planet, and his daughter is in college, so yeah, he’s grumpy. It’s funny, and yet, a bit sad, so take it as you would.

The Sara storyline is sadly still the weakest link here because not only is Gary emphatically annoying, they happen to be on a planet that uses Ava clones? Really? Yes, we do meet the “big bad” but it just felt a little…forced. And again, Gary is annoying.

Still, “The Ex-Factor” did allow for some serious fun and shined in its performances. It’s not going to be for everyone, but honestly…you can say that about most shows nowadays.

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