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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Legends Of Tomorrow Season Episode 06: Outlaw Country

November 18th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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A simple review for a simple episode, shall we start?

From the moment the season 02 sizzle reel arrived for Legends of Tomorrow, many fans were thrilled that Jonah Hex was coming back, even if only for an episode. This has been a great interpretation of the character, and the only good live-action one, so to see him back was great.

What was also great though was that “Outlaw Country” did rest on its laurels, and repeat what had happened before. In fact, they used the return to actually benefit multiple characters both new and old.

Nate’s enthusiasm to be in the old west made for some fun scenes, as well as some surprises. It’s good to see him still struggle with what it means to be a hero. This also helped him bond with Ray, who is still struggling with the loss of his suit. These two are very much alike, and it’ll be fun to see them teaming up with Invasion and more.

Mick also had a fun little arc, with him slightly reverting to his Season 01 self as the wild west brought out the “animal” within him. Not sure what I think about him and Vixen becoming close potentially, but I’ll let it get into motion.

Sara and Jonah were very fun to watch, as Jonah was very much rooted in his ways in regards to how he sees women, so when Sara was revealed as the captain, and then that she likes women, AND how she kept bossing him around, it was very funny. And in the end, Hex learned to respect Sara for who she is, instead of what she is.


There was some fun action in this episode. From the classic bar fight, to the train event at the end, and even the reveal that Turnbull had found Dwarf Star alloy and was going to use it to take over the west, there was a lot here. Especially when he turned the alloy into bullets, ones that could actually hurt Nate even in steel form.

A nice twist on this tale was Martin Stein, who is having “visions” of a women who he doesn’t know…yet can tell he loves. This feels like a side effect of both their journeys, and the Flashpoint Paradox. It’s very likely they weren’t affected by the shift due to their being in the timestream. So thus, they’ll have memories of the original timeline before Barry changed it, (Dang it Barry!!!). How far this will go is anyone’s guess right now, but it might be found out soon with the call to arms we got at the end.

“Outlaw Country” was a solid episode, a respite of sorts after what happened last week, and with Invasion coming, things are certainly getting turned up to 11.

4 out of 5 nerds

4 out of 5 nerds

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