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TV REVIEWS: FTN REVIEWS Legends Of Tomorrow’s Season 6 Premiere!

May 3rd, 2021 by Todd Black Comments

Sorry, couldn’t resist, we’ll have better images next time around!

So, after a LONG wait, we finally have the answers to what happened to Sara Lance and where the team is going to go from here and all I can say here is…KILL GARY!!!!!!!!!

Look, if you’ve been reading my reviews the last few seasons, you’ll know that I hate Gary Green with a passion. It’s a nonsensical comedy character that does nothing good, keeps screwing things up, keeps getting forgiven for reasons unknown and yet they feature him as if he’s the best character on the series when he’s not even the top 100! AND NOW…HE’S BEEN AN ALIEN THIS WHOLE TIME?!?!?! That doesn’t make any sense!!!! I’ll dissect why later, but I need to focus on the good parts before my head explodes.

Having the Legends wake up Hangover style (except for Rory ironically enough) and slow reconnect only for David FREAKING Bowie to point out that Sara had been abducted was honestly really cool. As was how they handled Ava throughout the episode. She showed now only her personality, but how much she learned to trust the Legends and their quirks via that checklist and that showed personal growth. And her scenes where she bared it all to their newest member and then talked with Sara was very cool and I hope the two reconnect soon because WE NEED AVALANCE!!!

Meanwhile, the others all had a part to play, including Astra who stayed around for an extra episode, and seeing her, Zari, and Constantine work together in one form or another was really hilarious as it was clever.

The new character of “Spooner” (no jokes please) was also well handled. She’s because the newer version of Jonah Hex (Jennie Hex?) in that she knows about aliens and is ready to take them all out for what they did to her. And the tease that there might be something more going on with her due to Gideon’s scan has got me curious for sure.

But then…there’s Gary. Dear gosh, when I found out that Gary was an alien this whole time I almost lost it. I was honestly hoping for a kind of “Secret Invasion” kind of twist where Gary had been swapped out for some reason but no…he’s been an alien this whole time. Shall I list the ways that doesn’t make sense?

One, you’re telling me between Rip Hunter and Ava that they couldn’t figure out that Gary was an alien and they didn’t…you know…TEST HIM for various things? Second, the glasses were how he “kept his form”, right? You’re telling me he’s never taken off his glasses the whole show? I don’t buy it (I’d honestly have to rewatch the series to see but I’d rather save what’s left of my sanity). Third, remember when that unicorn bit off his nipple and then it got “demon-ified”? How would that work if that wasn’t his real body!?!?? Finally, and just as importantly, John never went into Gary’s room before that moment? No way.

And now, obviously, Gary and Sara are going to have to do some “buddy adventures” and that means we have to endure him even more. I hate him, I hate him so much. This could’ve been a really epic premiere and just…brought it down. Sad.

Still, there was some good parts of this premiere and there’s a lot of teases as to what might come next so we’ll see where this all goes!

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