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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Superman & Lois Episode 10: O Mother, Where Art Thou?

June 16th, 2021 by Todd Black Comments

So last week left off with a very crucial cliffhanger to answer in “what did Morgan Edge mean by ‘brother’?” The answer was a key part of “O Mother Where Art Thou?” and how you reacted to it honestly depends on how you like certain stories.

Because the answer was that yes, he was Kal-El’s brother…via his Kryptonian mother. Who NATURALLY had another family before meeting Jor-El and NATURALLY left them to go and have a family with Jor-El and of COURSE…she was the one who made the mind transference device…that was abused by her former husband.

Yeah, it was all very CW and yes, it was totally cringe because nobody can just have a simple relationship or marriage anymore. It also didn’t help that this was basically the same plot to Man of Steel in regards to a former Kryptonian trying to remake the old world on the bones of the new one and not caring about the lives that would be lost. Zod and Morgan Edge even had similar lines about why “Kal would choose them” and “having a mission” and all that. Plus, Morgan went through the “people weren’t nice to me” arc…so yeah… This show has been very original for the most part and so it hurts when such an overdone storyline is brought back with only the smallest of new wrinkles.

Because naturally, they had to bring back Kal’s Kryptonian mother so she could reverse what had happened, and a last-ditch effort was needed to revert people back to their regular forms and yet…obviously…Morgan wasn’t fazed by it. He apparently had a backup plan in place somehow and so…why not go with that in the first place?

Going to the positive side now, the Lang family stood above all others in this episode. With Lana selling everything in the best way possible from trying to defend Kyle to Sara (minus that “you’re a teenager” line of course) to offering to give her body to bring back Superman’s mom, to Sarah trying to understand and feeling all sorts of things about her dad, it was great. And seeing them reunited in full by the end of the episode was nicely done.

Jordan and Jonathan did well too, with Jonathan taking charge and cutting through all the lies (overcoming a common trope in these CW hero shows) to give Sara the whole truth and not just the “convenient truth”. Even getting through to Sam a little.

In terms of Easter Eggs, there was some fun bits here from the “Eradicator” name (though obviously not a robot obsessed with killing) and the “Super Flare” move from the New 52, it was a nice touch or two to add some credibility to a storyline that was definitely stretching at the seams.

In the end though, “O Mother, Where Art Thou?” did do a lot in one episode…but whether that was a “good lot” or a “bad lot” will honestly be up to you. I felt it was good overall, but it could’ve been better if they didn’t go through the typical motions.

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