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TV Reviews: FTN Reviews The Agent Carter Season Finale: Valediction

February 25th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


THAT is how you end on a positive yet intriguing note. It’s sad that Agent Carter only got an eight episode season, but the results were very well done, as we got to close the book on one chapter of Peggy’s life, and hopefully witness the birth of another.

Valediction was truly about tying up (most) loose ends in regards to the first season, and giving bold promises to the future…if we get one. As Peggy, Thompson, Sousa, and yes, Howard and Jarvis teamed up to take down Faustus (a Captain America villain from the comics) and Dottie.

What transpired was some very beautiful scenes, mixed in with some very well placed comedy. Let’s just start off by saying how good it was to have Howard back. He wasn’t even in half the season technically, but as only a Stark can, when he was in the episodes, you remembered him. I loved his entrance into the SSR, and smirking while saying “you should’ve hired me” in regards to their security systems, and that look he gave Peggy when he said, “I know, you missed me.”

Stark NEEDS to be a series regular if (WHEN!!!) we get confirmation of Season 2. His charisma, knowledge, and heart makes the show even more compelling. I was amazed by the amount of emotion they were able to show Stark having in the short 45-minute-ish episode run time they had. Stark’s regret over everything that had happened was evident, as well as his heartbreak over what happened to Captain America. His talk about how Project Rebirth and Steve were the only good things he brought into this world was not only believable, it was the kind of epiphany move we know Tony has later down the road.

The scenes with Peggy and Howard were easily some of the best this scene. Including the very emotional plane conversation as Peggy had to beg Howard to let Steve go, just as she needed to. As I said earlier, this was really about closing a chapter in Peggy’s life, and they did that beautifully. Like in the end scene…which I’ll get to later.

Also great was the hunt for Faustus and Dottie, which led to some fun moments in and of itself. Seeing Sousa, Thompson, AND Peggy work so cohesively together was great to see. As both of them FINALLY (and truly) got to see Peggy as she was. Oh, and Sousa’s takedown of Faustus? Classic. “Was he talking?”

Yet let’s not forget Faustus and Dottie themselves. The former got to shed light on the events of this season, including what happened in the war, why the “Midnight Oil” was the focus of all of this, and why Faustus hated Stark so much. It was a simple yet elegant explanation for all. One that again will reflect down the Marvel movie line. As was the “suffering” Faustus almost got Stark to commit. As he knew (somehow) that his greatest regret was losing Captain America, and that he wished he found him.


Dottie got to again show off her moves…and her creepiness…including a cool battle with Peggy. And it appears Dottie got away…hmm…Black Widow’s really are hard to kill.

The one scene I literally fist-pumped for was the standing ovation for Peggy back at the SSR. Why? Because that’s what she DESERVES!!!! Oh, and yes, Thompsons’ stunte with the senator was frustrating, but good ole’ Peggy took it in stride, just like we know she would. Not every character would be believed when they say “other people’s opinions don’t matter to me”. But for Peggy? Yeah, I can believe that.

Now, onto those final scenes. Peggy getting a new home thanks to Stark and Jarvis? With Angie as a roommate? Nice, a true reward for her hard service and loyalty to friends. Jarvis had some great scenes in “Valediction”, and his heartfelt “goodbye” to Peggy was beautiful. These two really stood out this whole season, and I really hope this isn’t the last time we see them together.

Then…there was the bridge scene. It was almost poetic how Peggy disposed the blood (that Jarvis…procured for her) of Steve into the ocean that essentially took him away from her. Her tearful goodbye was spot on, and again, believable. Cause if there was one person to make her cry, it was Steve.

And you thought, yep, that’s a beautiful ending….BUT….

Armin Zola!!!! Oh my gosh! That’s awesome! The beginning of the rise of Hydra! And possibly, a beautiful “friendship” between him and Faustus. Cut off one head…

In the end, “Valediction” was a great end to a fantastic season of Agent Carter. With the potential for numerous more stories, and a great cast of characters already established, there should be NO REASON this show doesn’t get renewed. SERIOUSLY! NO REASON!

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