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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Arrow Season 7 Finale!

May 14th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

If you don’t think that those final scenes of Arrow season 7 weren’t powerful television, then there is something wrong with you. Because while it did have a few flaws, “You Have Saved This City” set up not only the final season of Arrow, but Crisis on Infinite Earths in heartbreaking and stunning fashion.

But before we get to the end, we have to start at the beginning, with Team Arrow on the run from Emiko, the SCPD, and more. It was definitely tense as they knew they had to save the city, but the cops for the most part thought that this was them doing it. The return of Curtis, Black Siren, and freaking Bronze Tiger to help fill out their ranks was pretty cool though. And it really gave a “it’s all coming together” feeling as the team had to unite in every way possible to try and save the city.

While the conflict itself was kind of weak (personalized drone attacks? Eh…), what sold it was the conflict between Emiko and Oliver. Emiko was unraveling, and yet Oliver was confident in what he had to do. That passion-filled speech about how Emiko really was the cause of everything bad that happened to him was great, but he knew he couldn’t kill her, and he had to try and save her. And in his own way, he did, despite her dying thanks to the 9th Circle.

And her setting up the stage for his and Felicity’s exile was nicely done too.

Meanwhile, in the future, the new Team Arrow (kind of?) had to fight off a coup, and save the Glades and Star City, and like many good adventures, they had to bring down a massive wall (I seem to recall another show doing that…). The struggle here was fun because of Felicity being desperate to save William and Mia from certain doom, and I loved how William delayed the death of Mia because he was tired of losing family. Why not just mention that before? Oh well.

The fighting shots between the present and the future were very well spliced, and it added a cool sense of drama as the events mirrored each other in fun ways. Including the heads of the teams passing the torch as they would to the next versions of it. And I loved that the future team is being led by Zoe, as that’s a nice twist on things.

I was curious why the main conflict was ended WAY before the end of the episode, but as Oliver and Felicity reached their new safe house (which is basically in an ex-agent safe zone…so that makes sense), it started to come together. They needed to show why Oliver would continue on towards the Crisis, and Felicity had to stay behind (remember, Emily Beckett Richards is now officially done with the show save for MAYBE the crossover) to watch over Mia.

Watching The Monitor show up and reveal the other part of the deal, with Oliver agreeing to protect the Multiverse with him before the Crisis comes, was striking. We all guessed that it would just be that he exchanged his life for Barry and Kara’s because of Elseworld’s, but this adds a new twist on things. Because now, Season 8 might not be an “Arrow season”, but him going across the multiverse to get everyone ready for Crisis on Infinite Earths, which would explain why the Smallville crew might be making a return.

That being said, watching Oliver and Felicity say their goodbyes, and what it all meant was heartbreaking to watch. As was Felicity’s goodbye to her children in the future. Because her “journey” was literally at an end, because The Monitor was taking her to see Oliver…who was waiting for her at the end.

…I’m not crying! You’re crying!

Alright, as beautiful as that was, there were some flaws in the episode. First, I know many will be said to see Emiko (a big character for Green Arrow in the comics) die like this. Second, the arrival of Beatrice from the Ninth Circle (who I don’t even recall meeting before) coming in and killing her felt kind of hollow. Plus, since the 9th circle is still out there, does that mean they’re the threat again for next season before Crisis on Infinite Earths?

Finally, there was a scene in the future timeline where the “big bad” of Galaxy showed up to taunt them, and then they just walk right by him without anyone mentioning him…so…what? Yeah, it was weird.

That all being said, “You Have Saved This City” was a great sendoff to the season, and a great teaser for the final 10 episodes (plus the crossover). The ride isn’t over yet everyone, and things could still change for the better in terms of certain people’s fates.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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