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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Black Lightning Season 3 Finale

March 10th, 2020 by Todd Black Comments

I won’t lie, I was very curious to see how Season 3 of Black Lightning would end, and honestly, it did not disappoint outside of some very minor things.

“Liberation” was all about the endgame in regards to the ASA occupation and the war with Markovia, and all the pieces that were on the table got put to use more or less. We got to see Lala and Lady Eve help save Freeland in their own way, we saw Kalil regain control of his body long enough to save the Pierces and get Odell (and get revenge upon him), and we saw some epic clashes with Gravedigger.

I’ve always been a fan of Wayne Brady since his days on Whose Line Is It Anyway? (the original that was on ABC) but his role as Gravedigger is a revelation to me in a way. He’s clearly having a lot of fun with the role, and it’s a very deep role that I’m glad they didn’t end despite all appearances to the contrary.

One of the things I really liked was all the little things coming together to make a difference. Like Jennifer and Brendan’s “fusion” attack being used against Gravedigger, the Resistance fighting back and Henderson being at the forefront of it. Gambi doing his “last stand” against the last ASA agents who knew about the Pierce’s, it was all very cool.

And the fight scenes, man, the fights have been especially good these last few episodes. And tonight’s episode was no different, including using some unique camera effects to make the fights seem all the more intense.

I also appreciate that there was a true cost here. From Dr. Jace getting killed quickly, to Henderson dying (which was really foreshadowed by the actor noting he wasn’t getting brought back for Season 4), to Odell getting shot, and more. It was good that there was lasting consequences.

Although I do think that Grace’s “coma” was a little much, especially given what happened last episode with the proposal.

There were some other odd tidbits here, including the Tobias scenes, Lynn apparently still being on Greenlight (somehow…) and Gambi’s last stand happening like it did. But these are small nitpicks in a great season finale. That ending scene at the senate (with the actual creators of Black Lightning there on the Senate panel!!!) was especially cool and powerful. I look forward to Season 4.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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