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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 01 Episode 16: Rogue Time

March 25th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


If TV/movies have taught us something that no doubt is true, is that IF time travel was possible…you shouldn’t mess with it. “Rogue Time” had the “honor” of having to deal with Barry’s first trip through time, and having him deal with the consequences of trying to mess with it.

To get this out of the way, this episode proved just how much “Out of Time” was a waste in some ways. YES, I get it, the last fifteen minutes were awesome, no doubt. Remember, I gave it a good review. However, all those moments in one way or another were erased…at least in part. Which meant that while epic, it was hollow.

This was proven by the quick (literally, quick) capture of Weather Wizard. Who I believe had only 3 or 4 lines in this entire episode because of Barry’s “flashforward” memories. This really hurts, as Weather Wizard is a part of the Rogues (who I’ll get to), and for him to be more or less discarded after a good performance last week was rather sad. He was on top at the end of “Out of Time”.  Here? Not so much.

Also, to get it out of the way, Barry’s attempt to reconnect with Iris was sad. In the bad way. YES, I get it, Iris did “admit” feelings for him. But as Wells noted wisely, the circumstances (of which I noted in my review) were part of the reason for that. I thought it was hollow then, and Barry breaking it off with Linda to make an attempt on Iris was bad. For me anyway. Eddie hitting him was awesome though…even though he apologized because of his “lightning psychosis”. Thanks Caitlin!

All that aside, “Rogue Time” was a rather interesting episode. As, for once, the main plot really wasn’t about Barry, even though he did play some big roles. Though there were some “wait, how did this not happen in the original timeline?” components to all this, the return of Captain Cold and Heatwave, along with sister Golden Glider, was most welcome. These Rogues are a presence when they’re on screen. Very much in the way Malcolm Merlyn and Slade were when they were the big bads in Arrow. They calm, brash, arrogant, yet calculating, it’s a fun combo.

I did like how they had to capture Cisco to get new guns for them. However, I hope this is the last time it happens. In the comics, Snart was able to build the Cold Gun out of washing machine parts, literally! Here though he needed Cisco. I’m not totally sure why to be honest. Though I do like how Snart’s knowledge of the gun allowed him to see Cisco’s deception in regards to the firing pin. But again, this trick works once. Hopefully they’ll be more self-sufficient in the future.

Lisa, aka Golden Glider, had a mixed outing. On one hand, her chemistry with Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) were some of the highlights of the episode. These two made you believe they were brother and sister. On the other hand though, her introduction to Cisco was way too on the nose. Either Barry or Cisco should’ve known something was up. Also, her “Gold Gun” was a little too over the top. Though I’m not familiar fully with this character, I know she didn’t have this gun. So…can we fix it?


Truly though, Cisco was the highlight here. We got to see his family in fully effect, and see why he was so eager to not be with him. Cisco often comes off as the clown (in the good way) for Team Flash, but here we got to see why he might just have that demeanor about him. He is the underappreciated son, the one who has the gifts…but his parents and brother don’t care. It was heartbreaking to see his brother compare him to a dog, and seeing Cisco react to it. I mean wow.

To then have the tables turned, and Cisco forced to not only remake the guns, but being forced to reveal Barry’s identity to Cold? Man. But in an ironic twist, not only did he almost quit the team, Wells was the one who talked him out of it. Using almost the identical speech from the time he almost killed him! It’s like they say, context matters.

The showdown with Snart and Barry was amazing. And not for the reason you might think. Yes, Miller again killed it with Snart’s personality. Essentially shooting down EVERY attempt Barry had for him leaving Central City or giving up crime. But what was fun was seeing Barry basically admit how good Cold was, to the point that Snart was actually appreciative of what Barry had to say. Words that he’ll no doubt take to heart as he plans future gigs with his…Rogues…cute.

Oh, and Wells killing the reporter who was about to spill his “secrets” to the world? Yeah, epic. And Barry realizing that some “might” be up with Wells? Double epic.

In the end, despite some misgivings and weird character portrayals, “Rogue Time” was a brilliant episode that set several characters paths in motion for big things. Don’t slow down now Flash, you’re almost there.


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