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TV Reviews: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 01 Episode 19: Who is Harrison Wells?

April 22nd, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


After a so-so episode with “All Star Team Up”, Flash got things back on track in a BIG way with “Who is Harrison Wells?”. All the while adding some funny and epic moments that’ll be sure to have fans talking for a while.

Let’s get the main story out of the way shall we? This weeks “villain-of-the-week” was Every Man, a shapeshifter who could literally become every person with a single touch. This was fun as we saw Every Man not only use (and abuse) his powers, but it left many of our characters in binding situations.

On one hand, seeing Eddie framed for attempted murder, Caitlin put in an unfortunate position, and more was very entertaining. As it forced them all to wonder what they could do to prove that they weren’t guilty, mainly Eddie. On the other hand though…the trailer for these episodes that was shown recently was highlighted by Eddie being a murderer (presumably) and Barry kissing Caitlin…which we now know was a lie by Every Man. It was still good for the episode, but not so much fun for us fans who wanted those things in one way or the other.

Also, while Every Man got put in some peculiar situations…it was weird how some of the others acted when faced with clear reasoning that Barry wasn’t…well…Barry. Caitlin for example should’ve known Barry would NEVER kiss her in that way, especially with both Iris and Ronnie still in their lives. Yes, many of us want Barry and Caitlin to be a couple, for justified reasons, but we know it would require certain pieces being off the board for that to happen.

Also, Barry should’ve known that Eddie would not have gotten out of the precinct, cause no judge would’ve signed his release with that evidence. He should’ve known better. Oh, and him hesitating when Every Man transformed into Caitlin and Iris? Really?

I will grant this though, the final “reveal” of Every man was actually really cool, as even he couldn’t remember how he looked before. If he gets out again, it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Quentin and Joe

Meanwhile, the quest to “discover” the “truth” about Harrison Wells led Joe and Cisco to Starling City. Where of course they met both the Lances! Now look, I was fair in my judgment of “All Star Team Up” where I noted that Felicity and Ray kind of didn’t have a place in the episode outside of some comedic moments. Here though? Not only did Quentin get to help Joe out with the mystery at hand (them being together was an epic moment in and of itself), but the two fathers got to relay their “issues” with their daughters, and hopefully give some hints on what they need to do next.

Also, Cisco continued to prove why he is my favorite character on the show, bar none. Not only did he and Laurel have some very nice bonding moments, but he helped her truly become the Black Canary…as he created the Canary Cry. Oh, and he totally got to take a pic with her in a moment that will no doubt be a highlight of his life…who do you think took the picture?

Fun as that was, there’s again a continuity issue here. At least for right now. Laurel has the Canary Cry, but she hasn’t used it in Arrow yet, also, neither Laurel or Quentin mentioned the recent events of Arrow (the Arrow being captured, numerous murders at his hands, etc.), which would have no doubt been on their minds for very different reasons. Thus further plotting the question of “when did this take place?”. This crossover worked out better than last episode, but it still raises questions that hopefully we’l get answered soon.

The overall question was of course “what would they find in Starling?”, thankfully, they didn’t have to drag it out, they found the REAL Harrison Wells body, and not only did they prove its him, they also found his secret storehouse with not only the Reverse Flash suit, but the news paper from 9 years in the future…which is now (in our time) almost exactly 9 years away. Fun!

In the end, “Who is Harrison Wells?” not only had a fun villain to play with, but helped advance the Harrison Wells arc well and truly. We’re only a few episodes away from the season finale, things are no doubt about to pick up in a BIG way.


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