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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 03 Episode 20: I Know Who You Are

May 3rd, 2017 by Todd Black Comments

Called it.

Yep, if you recall one of the last lines from my last review you’ll see that I said one of the few people Caitlin would react to like that is Barry, and I was right, and a lot of other people were right, for they had this called a while ago.

Yes, for those who couldn’t never see Barry as a villain, this may have been a surprise, but there have been clues from the entire season leading to Barry being Savitar. One of the big ones being something the real Jay Garrick said to Barry, he said that Savitar was the first man to be granted superspeed…and Barry was the first being to tap into the Speedforce…so…

Look, the problem here is that it took 20 episodes to reveal who Savitar was. Zoom didn’t take this long, Reverse Flash didn’t take this long, so why did we have to wait so long for Savitar. Also, that makeup job on “Future Barry” yeah…no….

That being said, “I Know Who You Are” was actually a really good episode, even with the lackluster reveal of Savitar. I loved how it focused on Joe and his relationship with Cecilia, and the new inclusion of Tracy Brand to Team Flash, and of course Killer Frost and how her being a villain is affect Cisco and Julian. They didn’t need a “villain-of-the-week” or anything, this episode just worked on all levels.

It’s hilarious how time works, just because you think you know the future doesn’t mean you know how that person gets there (how’s that for a perfect line of symmetry for Savitar?), and Tracy proved that because she was giving up her dream because she was told she was wrong. How ironic. So for Team Flash to be the spark that brings her back on the path to her future self? Pretty cool. But even then, then didn’t just let it sit, but rather, they showed how the future can be daunting even when you know what it supposedly holds.

I really don’t like HR, but this was one of his better episodes. It’s clear he cares for Tracy, and his honest with her was a nice change of pace from his usual overly goofy self.

As for Killer Frost, it was nice to see that her turn to the dark side isn’t without some hesitation, you have to wonder what the last three episodes of the season hold for her, cause Savitar knows that a single kill will make her Frost forever…so will she kill? And if so, who?

I did also like the barbed banter between Cisco and Julian and how their feelings have been clouding their judgment. Julian wants the marines to be brought in to find her at all costs, and Cisco is afraid of hurting his best friend. Yes…it was cheesy how he suddenly was afraid that his powers were controlled by emotion…but seeing him bounce back and unleash his true Vibe? Pretty cool.

And thank goodness that the Joe storyline did end with him breaking up with Cecelia, that would’ve been so stupid. I’m glad the writers didn’t follow that classic CW trope.

Aside from the Savitar reveal and the odd thing about Cisco’s powers, the only other odd thing was that Wally went to Earth-3 to go see Jesse…even though Killer Frost was on the loose…and Savitar could’ve turned up at any time…that just felt odd. That’s the danger when you have a lot of speedsters on the show I guess.

In the end though, “I Know Who You Are” was a very good episode. And though the ending fell flat, I hope that it means that we can FINALLY move forward instead of standing still.

4.5 out of 5 nerds

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