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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 04 Episode 05: Girls’ Night Out

November 8th, 2017 by Todd Black Comments

So, after some so-so episodes, I truly feel that Flash hasn’t gotten back on track with “Girls Night Out”, as Team Flash was divided into male and female journies that had some surprising twists.

Let’s get the guys out of the way first, ok? First, Cisco making home movies to celebrate Barry and Iris? Very touching. Dinby ruining it all though? Not so much. Dear gosh, the more this guy is on screen, the more I hate him. He’s not even being funny, he’s just being stupid. And it’s really annoying. Julian was better than this, and that’s saying something!!!!

Anyway, I will admit that seeing things spiral out of control, all the while Barry being actually drunk (what did Cisco put in that drink?) was funny. And the twist of Cecil’s daughter being at the strip joint? That was an interesting twist, especially with her doing research on women in the world. While kind of hokey, it did allow for some interesting bonding moment between her and Joe, who was yet again a standout in the episode. More on that later though.

Oh, and so there’s no confusion. No, Jack and Rose could not have stayed on that door together. Mythbusters proved it. Moving on.

As for the girls, we got to see the full-on return of Killer Frost, or, at least Frost. We’ve been wondering what Caitlin did for the six months after Barry left, and we found out big time. As new villain Amunet Black appeared and revealed that she used to be her boss. Katee Sackhoff did a great job making her stand out, she has a natural charisma that was very infectious, and yet totally evil.

Her abilities were actually very nicely rendered, and she showed multiple times why she was a capable gang lord. It was also a nice touch to show how she’s apparently been around a while, and yet she’s never been caught or crossed paths with Team Flash until now. That adds weight.

Which brings me to Caitlin, who had the best arc of the night as she struggled not only to be free of her curse, but also to keep the others safe. I loved how they brought up that Iris and Caitlin actually aren’t friends outside of work. As they’ve only crossed paths in the workplace, and I’m glad they fessed up to that, and then took steps to make things better by making Caitlin the Maid of Honor, it’s a nice touch.

I will say though that the fact that Frost let Amunet go…then ten seconds later Cecil noted the cops were coming made me wonder why the heck she let her go. That’s a big logic flaw right there. Also, where was Felicity at the end of the show? She didn’t even get to say goodbye to everyone. What happened?

Finally, Joe and Cecil admitting that they were both scared of what was going to happen with their baby was another REAL relationship problem. They’re both scared. They’re supposed to be “set” in their lives more or less, and now they’re going to have a new baby? Yeah, that’s scary. But…there’s a small problem here. I honestly don’t think the baby will last the season. I think something will happen to kill the baby, or Cecil, or both! I honestly don’t want that to happen as that would be another cliche move for them to do.

In the end “Girls Night Out” brought some decent bonding and action together, and put Caitlin, Iris, Joe, and others in some interesting places.

4 out of 5 nerds

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