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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 5 Episode 4: News Flash

October 31st, 2018 by Todd Black Comments

Ah…so THAT was the reason. From the beginning of Flash Season 05, we could tell that Iris and Nora had some serious tension with them based upon what happened in the future. But what it exactly was? Yeah, that wasn’t clear. And in “News Flash”, we got a wide open look at part of the story, but a key part is still yet to be told.

I want to focus on that first because it was for me, the most important part of the episode. Truly, I was worried about what the “reason” was for Nora being cold to Iris. Was it that Iris abused her? Was withdrawn from her after Barry disappeared in the Crisis? What was it? Well, apparently, Iris used technology to dampen Nora’s powers, and she didn’t learn until 6 months ago that she had powers, which explains a lot when you consider where she is with her powers and why she’s so eager to please Barry powers-wise.

The outrage that Nora showed when revealing it to Iris was very well done. Nora clearly feels betrayed by her mother, past and future, and so it’s actually quite understandable that she’s upset with past/modern day Iris. However, as I hope they will address in future episodes, I truly believe that the reason Future Iris did it was that so she didn’t lose Nora the same way she lost Barry. Or worse, have Nora go try and find Barry in the “Crisis” and not come back herself. It no doubt was hard for Iris to lose Barry, and there was no way that she was going to lose Nora the same way, so the tech was likely her best option. And I respect that.

What I also respect was Barry supporting Iris and her future selfs’ decision. This was honestly the first time that we got to see Nora actually angry with Barry, because he didn’t side with her, but with Iris. Another illusion shattered on her way back to Earth as it were. This storyline was at risk of being too drawn out, but now, I think it’ll be just fine as long as it doesn’t get TOO overdramatic.

But, that does raise a question. Nora didn’t find out about her powers until 6 months ago, and she noted that it wasn’t Iris who told her about them…so who did? And is that the same person who got the chip out of her?

Moving onto the main plot, the new “meta” that was shown was actually kind of clever. And it showed off the Nora wasn’t just liking modern day, she was liking the villain…if you get my drift. I would like to note that this is the second child from a main character from the future who confirms that they are gay. I’m just saying.

Having her meet Nora during the Enlightenment, and thus want her to get fame alongside her was actually really clever. As was the reveal of “metatech”, which was actually rather believable given everything that happened in the season finale last year. This also opens up a great deal of possibilities for future characters, let’s hope it’s used wisely.

Finally, the Dibny/Sherloque storyline was actually rather good. I still don’t like this version of Wells, but him admitting at the end that Ralph (who showed some very competent detective skills himself) was on the right track with the mask question was well done. And it led to the reveal of how THIS Cicada was born, and why he’s different from the last one. Turns out, he took was infused with a version of “metatech”, both him and his lightning dagger. What’s more, the injury is killing him, but not before giving him a great big boost in powers.

Special note, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a good “speed fight”, so I’m glad it was done well here.

In the end, “News Flash” was good, and the Nora/Iris storyline is building up nicely. The season isn’t reaching peak levels, but it’s being consistent, and that’s not a bad thing.

4 out of 5 nerds



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