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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Flash Season 6 Episode 5: Kiss Kiss Breach Breach

November 6th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

You have to give props to The Flash this year, they’re trying to be different in various ways and “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach” was one such way of being different as it basically spent 40+ minutes without Barry Allen and yet was still great for the most part.

The death of Gypsy was a bit cliche, especially since we couldn’t “see” her death as the actress (who ironically is now a part of Watchmen) wasn’t available, but whatever. Her death brought Cisco, Breacher, and Camilla on a wild journey to figure out what was really going on, and how Cisco could solve it as the new “Team Leader”. Usually these kinds of storylines fall flat, but it worked for the most part here as Cisco had to get on his own feet and figure out how a doppleganger was involved in the death of Gypsy.

The reveal was a bit on the nose, especially since we honestly don’t know much about this “Echo”, but I guess it worked for the most part. And despite my dislike of how Danny Trejo has portrayed Breacher, this was his best episode yet.

Meanwhile Joe and “Nash” Wells got locked up in the tunnel that was in the Stinger last week. Not much came of it, but now apparently Wells wants to save Barry Allen because…reasons.

There were a few weak links in this episode, including Frost going Rogue (pun intended) to go and try and get Ramsey. Only for them to have one scene together that ended and was done before it was made to feel real in my opinion. Plus, while I liked Ralph saving the day, it felt a little odd for him not to go and follow Frost as well. Though I guess he had to make a choice on things and figured Frost really could take care of herself.

Finally, if I had a nickel for every time I heard “faith’ in this episode, I’d have a lot of nickels. And don’t get me started on, “I have faith in you”. We get it! The message was about faith! We don’t need it beaten over our heads.

In the end, “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach” was a fair and fun episode focusing on a character other than Flash. We’ll have to see where this all leads going forward.

Just remember…A Crisis Is Coming.

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