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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews The Gifted Season 2 Episode 11: moMento

January 9th, 2019 by Todd Black Comments

As we get into the final episodes of Season 2, things are finally escalating, but not in the way you’d expect, which is both good and bad for the show. “moMento” was a big push for certain characters and their arcs, but where they all land is still very much a mystery.

Let’s start with the biggest thing, Lorna is defecting once again, for after hearing that Reeva brought in some high-class killer Mutants, she starts to see the dark side of a revolution. The Rebecca thing wasn’t in Reeva’s control, this one is, and she wants ashes to be made, and that doesn’t sit well for Lorna. Her scenes with Marcos were some of the best of the episode, and the season. As I noted last week, these two still really loved each other, but their situation made it a strain to maintain, and Marcos going off on her was great.

As was Lorna’s apology at the end, cementing that somehow, someway, they’ll find a way out of this mess that they are now in. One of the big twists of the episode was that Benedict Ryan (aka Mutant Hater #1) is somehow working with Reeva. So this begs the question, is he knowingly working with a Mutant? Or, is Reeva playing him to stir up more Mutant hate? There’s a lot of angles at work here, it’s going to be fun to see which gets pushed.

Then there’s the family Strucker, where things are getting even darker for them in the form of Lauren. She’s starting to go down the Fenris path, even having dreams about how her great-grandparents died. More than that, her “shield bubbles” have evolved into spinning blades of death, which makes you wonder what else her and Andy can do as they grow and evolve. Kate encouraging Lauren to embrace that new power is a bit concerning, as her denial about what needs to be done to get Andy “back” is growing, and Reed can see it now. And you know that his powers are going to come back into play for sure.

Then there’s Jace, another big twist for the week. It seemed like the events of last week were going to push him even farther into being a Purifier, but then the show pulled a u-turn and had him actually lie to protect a Purifier from killing an innocent Mutant kid. And then when he was praised for it on the news, his ex-wife calls and says she wants to meet! He literally got everything he wanted, but he knows it’s wrong, and so the question is…what does he do now?

Sadly, the Blink storyline with the Morlocks wasn’t as strong. I’m glad that they brought the Morlocks back, but between bringing Marcos to the brink of being with that Mutant girl he knew for ONE EPISODE and the clear connection between Blink and Urg (platonically or not), it was just odd. And now it seems that Blink is hiding another thing from Thunderbird. Great…

Still, the return of Evangeline was a good thing, and now the Mutant Underground seems to be rising again, which if I may say…IT’S ABOUT TIME!

In the end, “moMento” did a good job of pushing things forward, but this push cannot stop until the season is done.

4 out of 5 nerds

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