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FTN reviews Dragon Ball Super

July 14th, 2015 by Dave Bowling Comments


Okay, so we’re still waiting for the Resurrection F movie. But!

Yes, the new Dragon Ball Super series has finally started. So, what’s it like? The answer is… not too bad.

The first two episodes show us the Son and Briefs families twelve months on from the climactic fight against Majin Buu towards the end of Dragon Ball Z. Son Goku is now the world’s worst farmer; his eldest kid Gohan is marrying girlfriend Videl while trying to study for university; and youngest boy Goten is still as dumb as a bag of hammers. Goku, however, is still obsessed with training and getting even stronger, so when world wrestling champ and supposed world saviour Mr Satan offers him the 100 million Zeni he’s been given as a world peace prize, Goku uses it as an excuse to not provide for his family and go exercise. Meanwhile, although Vegeta seems to be settling into family life he is also getting restless and sets out to (again) become stronger than Goku. Against this backdrop, the recently reawakened Lord Beerus, god of destruction, has developed designs on fighting a Super Saiyan…

So, having watched the first two episodes I can confidently say that the animation is frankly gorgeous. The plot, however, seems to be a stretched and rehashed version of the 2013 movie Battle of Gods: Beerus is awake and looking to fight a Super Saiyan god; Goku and Vegeta are exercising until they crap their spines out; and Bulma has a birthday coming up. All like the opening of Battle of Gods. Maybe there’ll be a longer, more in-depth explanation of the storyline but hopefully not tons of filler. But then, unfortunately this is anime… We’ll just have to see.

3 out of 5 nerds


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