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TV review: FTN reviews Danger Mouse Begins… Again

September 29th, 2015 by Dave Bowling Comments



Good grief!

Yep, we were as excited as The Pointer Sisters on Valium when the BBC announced that they were producing a new series of classic cartoon Danger Mouse last year. And now, it’s finally hit our screens. So the question remains: is it any good?

Simply put: yes. More comprehensively: hell yes. Everything is here, from the quintessentially British sense of Monty Python-level humour, to taking a sledgehammer to the fourth wall in a way that even Deadpool would balk at. The animation is slick, while still in keeping with the original. Visually, it is a treat for the eyes.

The cast slide into their roles pretty easily. Kevin Eldon is channeling the ghost of Terry Scott in his voicing of Penfold, in a way that is more than a little spooky. Stephen Fry’s Colonel K is, if anything, even more bumblingly eccentric than the original – never a bad thing. And while Alexander Armstrong will never be David Jason, he still fits the bill of DM’s traditionally English stiff-upper-lip persona. The script is smart and punchy, quickly explaining that the world has moved on since the last series in 1992 while DM himself really hasn’t.

So, is it perfect? No, nothing is. The theme tune’s reworking is frankly crap and it baffles me why head villain Baron Silas Greenback has become German in the intervening 20 years. He’s now Baron von Greenback and has a cod-German accent, for some unexplained reason. But it’s once again small things that are really just minor niggles. DM’s back, and he’s great.

4.5nerds-copy 4.5/5 Nerds

Danger Mouse is broadcast daily at 6pm on the CBBC channel

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