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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Gotham Season 03 Episode 18: Light The Wick

May 16th, 2017 by Todd Black Comments

It’s been a big week for Gotham, they’ve been renewed for a fourth season (though are getting moved to Thursdays…) and now in “Light The Wick” the beginning of the end for Season 03 has come. The episode did a good job of tying things together from both last season and this season. Admittedly, they weren’t always smooth in getting there, but overall, it was good.

First up, we finally know what the Court Of Owls is going to do to Gotham, they’re going to use the Alice Tetch virus to let the city rip each other apart. Another callback to a classic Batman story (Batman Begins) but with a touch that is actually better than the film, as we’ve known about this virus for a while, and bringing it back after its supposed death is rather brilliant. All the while showing that every arc and story in this season has had a purpose.

Which of course brings us to both Barnes and Huge Strange, who made return appearances to help push the plot forward in a big way. With Barnes being the source of the virus (now that Alice is dead) and Strange being able to manifest it into the way the Court needs. Again, it’s these small ties that weave a compelling narrative. We even heard that Fish Mooney is still alive and cured, and that the Court will have need of Barnes services…though now it’ll be very soon.

Just to get this out of the way, Gordon was not very subtle in this episode. Going into Katherine’s house…WHILE SHE IS STILL INSIDE?!?!?!! Really? Really?? Yeah, not as subtle. But, it was cool when he was forced to confront her and played it cool when he demanded to be told what was going on in the Court. Now true, that little stunt did get him caught in the end, but with four episodes left, I guess they had to rush some things.

Which of course brings us to the Ivy/Selina storyline. This was actually very fun, as we got to see Ivy in her element as she controlled people to get info about Selina (minus Tabitha of course) and then use her own skills with plants to heal her. I loved seeing the caring Ivy, one who still cared for Selina doesn’t what happened between them. Though she’s still a girl, she’s taking charge, and I like it. And now that Selina is awake again, someone is in trouble…

Speaking of trouble, Leslie is gone! Ok, ignoring how she arrived at murder for Frank and not suicide (there is a way to tell, especially given how he did it), she had basically been a whining machine since the show came back. And though I can acknowledge how frustrating it is that nobody would tell her what’s going on, to blame Jim for EVERYTHING is wrong, and stupid. Thankfully, Jim called her out on her bull, and I’m glad. She’ll be back, but hopefully in a better role.

Bruce had some interesting advancement here, as he finally got to let go of the rage of his parents death. But in doing so, we got a fascinating insight into how he viewed their death, or more accurately, how it affected others. Again, small details, but ones that can pay off.

Finally, while small, Penguin had an interesting role in “Light The Wick” as he was used to help deal the Court a blow, and in the process, got kidnapped by the Court, and put right into a cell next to Nygma! Brilliant!

In the end, with a few episodes to go, “Light The Wick” really pushed the plot forward, and it looks as though next episode a LOT of things will be coming to a head.

4 out of 5 nerds

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