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Under The Dome starts to build its cast

January 26th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Stephen King’s novel Under the Dome is finally moving forward with casting news at CBS.

The 13-part series will see the town of Chester’s Mill suddenly trapped under an invisible dome of unknown origin. Anyone with a pacemaker dies when they get to close and the race is on to survive not only the evil in the town in the form of Big Jim Rennie who wants to seize power but the power behind the force that has trapped the town there.

While speculation is rife over Big Jim, his nasty son Junior will be played by Alex Koch. Natalie Martinez, who starred in Death race with Jason Statham, has landed the role of Deputy Linda Everett. Supernatural’s Colin ford has already been announced as Joe. He is best known to fans as young Sam Winchester.

As the show debut on 24th June, there will be more casting news very soon.


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