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Wait, is the new Star Trek series set in the Abrams Movie Universe?!

May 28th, 2016 by Marc Comments

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Uh-oh, we know a lot of Star Trek fans who won’t be happy if this new rumour about the upcoming series is true…

So far we’d been led to believe that the new CBS Star Trek series would be set in the ‘Prime Universe’ i.e. the universe of the original series, The Next Generation, DS9 and Voyager.

This made a lot of fans who weren’t happy with the last three movies – let’s call it the Abrams-verse – because of the upset these movies caused to the Trek Timeline.

Now, however, Trek site 1701 News are reporting that, despite earlier rumours, the new series WILL be set in the Abrams-verse!

They report: “There is apparently a contingent within CBS that views the prime universe closed for business. And there is something to that. The last hour of prime universe Star Trek was filmed 12 years ago. Meanwhile, there have been three films set in the new universe. The faction says it would be ludicrous to return to the shackles of the prime universe and confuse new viewers.”

It seems the reason for the Abrams-verse existing is because the movie universe and the TV universes are now owned by separate companies.

CBS own the TV rights, while Paramount owns the movie universe.

Complicated, right?

This makes this story feel a little unlikely as it would mean CBS have gone out go their way to delve into the movie universe.

There is also, however, some evidence that points to this being a possible move, with Alex Kurtzman a producer and writer on the Abrams, movies involved on the new series people, leading people to wonder if this would be what happened. In related news, the Star Trek Online game, which has always been set in the Prime Universe is in the midst of rumours that element of the Abrams movies are coming.

Also, it’s hard to argue that the public, as a whole, is not more used to the new Abrams cast and it does make sense that they wouldn’t want to confused viewers with two different realities….

But only time will tell.

Which would you like to see?

CBS’ new Star Trek will debut early 2017 on CBS All Access.

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