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WATCH: Did Peter Jackson just commit to directing an episode of Doctor Who?

November 30th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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Doctor Who fans, how would you feel about Peter Jackson serving as the special guest director for an episode? Well, try not to explode with excitement, but that dream may just become a reality after the emergence of a video on Peter Jackson’s Facebook account which sees him and his daughter encounter The Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi.

The three-minute clip shows Jackson polishing his Oscar trophies while his daughter informs him of “yet another email” from Doctor Who and Sherlock showrunner Steven Moffat. Jackson tells his daughter that he doesn’t reply to Moffat’s correspondence because it is incoherent most of the time. Of course, we know Jackson has been sought for quite a while now

However, it isn’t long before Capaldi enters Jackson’s house with a letter from Moffat, saying “he said you have to sign that right away, and I have to take it back.”

Eagle-eyed Tolkien fans will notice that a copy of Middle Earth book The Silmarillion is sat on Jackson’s desk – though considering the jokey tone of the video, that might just be a wind-up.

The video was likely shot a few days ago when Capaldi was in New Zealand, where he visited the set of Middle Earth village Hobbiton.

Peter Jackson has long been rumoured to direct an episode of the BBC’s long-running sci-fi show, but whether or not geeky dreams come true remains to be seen. It would certainly be one of the most exciting television events in British entertainment history, wouldn’t you agree?

Source: Squareeyed

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