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Batman: Arkham Origins Problem Fixes Incoming

November 2nd, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

You may be wondering where the Batman: Arkham Origins review is since the game was released last week.
Well I got quite a ways into the game before falling through the map and it wiped my save, I played again got to the same point and it wiped my save and I decided to forgo the review until these bugs were looked at.

Thanks to IGN I was pointed to the games forum where Warner Bros Interactive assured fans that these bugs will be fixed to quote “We know that some of you have experienced frustration when posting on these forums, thinking your posts get lost or ignored and that no one from the team reads them. We can promise you that your posts are being read. We hear your frustration, we understand it, and we are here to find solutions to your issues by gathering the info you provide us, and relaying it to the dev team.”

I look forward to the patches and fixes so as I can finish the game and tell you my honest opinion.


Have you experienced any bugs in the game?

What are your general thoughts? Was it the game you hoped it to be?

let us know.

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