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Bioshock Infinte DLC hits – with more to come

August 1st, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

It’s time for a Clash in the Clouds before we return to Rapture.

Irrational Games have released the first piece of DLC for Bioshock Infinte titled Clash in the Clouds.

Players will be set a series of unique and intense challenges across four areas taken from the game itself. During these challenges you have the chance to collect blue ribbons, after collecting all 60 you then will be able to unlock some exclusives in the Columbian Archeological Society which include new Voxaphones, Kinetoscopes concept art and more.

Clash in the Clouds is available to download now on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC for 400MSP/£2.99 or free for anybody who has bought the season pass.

Irrational Games have also announced a two-part DLC entitled Burial at Sea that will add a whole new campaign for both Booker and Elizabeth. The DLC will be set in Rapture from the original Bioshock game and will be built from scratch using the Bioshock Infinte engine, it will also feature new weapons, vigors, sky-lines and the return of the big daddies.

Creative director Ken Levine said “We are really excited to offer our fans the content that they have been asking for.”

“With ‘Clash in the Clouds’, people get a pure action experience that takes BioShock Infinite combat to its highest challenge and intensity level.

“With the ‘Burial at Sea’ episodes, we are building a Rapture-based narrative experience that is almost entirely built from scratch.”

Burial at Sea will be priced at 1200MSP/£9.99 and has yet to be given a release date.

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