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Doctor Who Infinity Revealed By Tiny Rebel Games

September 27th, 2017 by Todd Black Comments

As you likely know by now, we’re big fans of Doctor Who here on Following The Nerd. We review the shows, read the comics, meet the Doctors when possible, and of course, play video games associated with the show. Over the past couple years, we’ve talked to the team behind an amazing game called Doctor Who Legacy. The team, Tiny Rebel Games, are by far some of the biggest DW fans on the planet. So much so…that they’re making a new game set in the universe. Doctor Who Infinity.

“As Executive Producer on Doctor Who Infinity, it has been an incredible delight to be able to pull together such extraordinarily talented people to realize our ambitions for this new game.  I am continually humbled by the quality of work they are doing and I think Doctor Who fans everywhere are going to be amazed with how we have taken everything we have learned from making the award-winning gameplay of Doctor Who: Legacy and brought it to the next level in every way imaginable” says Susan Cummings, Executive Producer for Tiny Rebel Games.

Much like Legacy, Infinity will have players doing unique stories spanning the Doctor Who timeline, solving puzzles in the process in the style of Legacy. What’s more, several actors and writers from the Doctor Who series will be helping make this game even more grand. Add that to a top notch group of writers and audio engineers and you’ve got the next great Doctor Who experience.

The game will launch in Spring 2018.


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