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Doctor Who Legacy 3.0 Arrives!

August 20th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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If you’ve been a fan of Doctor Who Legacy, then you’re going to be excited for the new update. And if you haven’t tried Doctor Who Legacy yet, then now is the perfect time to join!

The game that is a monument to the Doctor Who franchise and building a niche for themselves in the meantime, has now gotten a new massive update of story content. Doctor Who 3.0 not only welcomes in fan favorite companions Jo Grant and Signet Ring. Also though, along with the “Sonic Adventures” storyline fans can enjoy, you can also check out the brand new Kids Area call “Doctor Who: Legacy Kids” which is an area especially the young Whovians out there.

Check out these words from the team behind the game, Seed Studio and Tiny Rebel Games!

“3.0 brings players the “Sonic Adventures” story arc, led by the First Doctor and includes new “sonic” versions of beloved characters Jack Harkness, Mickey Smith, River Song, and the introduction of the classic Third Doctor companion, Jo Grant and the addition of the First Doctor’s Signet Ring. The “Sonic Adventures” will find players unlocking a full team of new Sonic Adventure characters and utilizing them to collect most of the sonic devices and gadgets from over the years of Doctor Who. This is the first paid, optional add-on to the game. The USD $9.99 unlock will grant players access to 30 new levels and over 20 guaranteed reward characters including sonic screwdrivers, sonic lipstick, sonic cane, and more.

Another major feature of 3.0 is the addition of “Doctor Who: Legacy Kids”, a special dedicated area for the youngest Doctor Who fans, inspired by our popular “Anna’s Playground” levels. These levels have been much loved by fans and their children and led to the creation of the new optional area of the game with a charming new art style created by BBC Worldwide. The Kids area unlocks for USD $4.99 and allows children a simplified experience of the game with no team creation, easier enemies and it will be updated over time like the game’s Fan Area. While adventuring in the kids area they will collect a series of costumes in the new art style for their parents as they complete the levels!

As with Season 8 in 2014, the Legacy team is working closely with the BBC Doctor Who brand team and BBC Worldwide to prepare the game for the new season of the show. For the second year running, fans of Doctor Who: Legacy will find new levels based on the new episodes of the show the day after they air.”

Doctor Who Legacy is free-to-play on your phones, tablets, and computers! Check it out today!

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