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First Bioshock Infinite Story DLC Trailer Released

July 30th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


Irrational Games have released a trailer for the upcoming story DLC for Bioshock Infinite titled “Burial at Sea”.

This is episode 1 of 4 episodes of DLC to be released for this game.
It looks to take ques from pulp noir fiction from the 1920’s and it is based in the underwater city Rapture from the first two games.
This time the city isn’t the ruin that you explore in those games but a vibrant, living and breathing city.
As Elizabeth and Booker you will investigate your reasoning for being in the underwater city which had an ever so brief apperance in the finished game itself.

We here at FTN are looking forward to this one, the game was a solid candidate for game of the year and if the story is as good as the trailer this could be the best DLC released this year.

See the trailer below:

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