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FTN’s Video Game News #4

January 5th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


Another week brings another edition of FTN’s Video Game News.
This being the first week in 2013 I expected more announcements of games but instead its mostly industry news of happenings in the game world.

One thing is for sure, this will be a blinder of a year for gaming.

Gears of War Judgement Packshot Revealed:

Gears of War Judgement is the upcoming title from EPIC games and is a prequel to the Gears of War series. It’s due out March 2013.
It is expected to be Microsoft Studios last game for the current console generation.



Tomb Raider Multiplayer Details Revealed:

At first it was just a small leak through the store GAME’s website. Now it has all but been announced. The new Tomb Raider game will have an online multiplayer. I’m sure you have heard of the team deathmatch which seems to be a staple of online multiplayer games, you will be some of Lara’s crew or some of the island inhabitants known as scavengers and pitted against each other.
The difference being you won’t just have to dodge incoming bullets but traps set on the island too e.g. spikes and pits.

If Tomb Raiders not your sort’a thing why not  try some online  poker at

Theres also an interesting new game type called ‘Rescue’, in this mode if you are Lara’s crew then you need to get health packs to certain parts of the island without dying, if you are one of the scavengers then your mission is to kill as many of Lara’s crew as you can.

There is another mode called ‘Cry for Help’ which is based on collection instead of killing which is a different way to go on multiplayer.


Star Wars: The Old Republic End Game Coming:

Bioware have talked about plans for new content for Star Wars: The Old Republic, they have said the new content is going to be a sort of end game to round out the MMO. Some of the content will be more for those with high level caps, there will be a load of new content to keep an aging MMO fresh and new. More news will be released as the year goes on.


Slender The Arrival Trailer:

Creepy new trailer for the sequel to Slender: The Eight Pages. This time the game will be much better looking with far more to do and a new enemy for you to come up against.

All I know is the first one is poo inducing scary so lets hope it stays that way.

Check out the trailer here.


Sony Patent Technology to Block Used Games:

Sony’s PlayStation division have filed a patent which will block used games in the new PlayStation.
The patent will see games being encoded with your player profile and not being able to be read by anothers profile.

There are multiple problems with this, like taking a disc round to a friends house or what to do with games when they suck.
This has been standard in the PC world for a long time so we know it works, if both Sony and Microsoft do this it will be a massive kick in the teeth to shops like Game and Gamestop who make a lot of money in the used game business.


Fan Made Lego ‘The Last of Us’:

A brilliant little trailer for The Last of Us made entirely from Lego by a fan.
It’s awesome that someone took the time to do this and it looks great.

Check it out here.



PS2 Stops production in Japan:

I know what you are thinking ‘didn’t they stop making PS2’s years ago?’ but the thing is they continued production up until now (well in Japan at least).
Now that production has come to an end and things like parts for the PS2 will start to become a rarity. It’s a sad day to see such a great console come to an end but with the PS4 set to come out 2013/14 and the fact the PS3 wont stop production for a long time it’s a surprise we didn’t see this before now.



Black Ops 2 first DLC Announced…:

The map pack ‘Revolution’ was leaked and details four maps for multiplayer, one zombies map and for the first time a gun DLC.

Treyarch has yet to confirm or deny this but it is pretty obvious it’s true, the speculated release date is the end of January. For those on Xbox 360 you will receive it first just like the DLC for other Call of Duty’s. Once it’s officially announced I’ll talk about it more but anything I would say now would be total specualtion and I’m not a fan of speculation.



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