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Gaming Myth Confirmed: E.T. Unearthed

April 27th, 2014 by Crowbar Comments

Source: Crave OnlineThere was a time when gaming was in it’s infancy. The early days of gaming are remembered as classics. Many like to think Superman 64 was one of the worst games to have been created. However, there was a game before it. A game so terrible, Atari refused to sell any more copies of it. They tried to bury the evidence. It worked, for roughly 30 years there were rumors circulating about a landfill in New Mexico that contained the legendary game E.T. The Extra Terrestrial for the Atari 2600. Like many conspiracy theories, people had circumstantial evidence that such a landfill existed. Much like Area 51 we had a place to investigate, but those pesky things called laws prevented people from uncovering the truth, until now.

A dig began in New Mexico. The landfill was legendary and the dig itself was intense. Maybe some were expecting to find blue bins full of money. Hell, that seemed more plausible than a stash of games so bad the publisher had to bury it. Thanks to some devoted individuals, we have now confirmed that there really was a landfill full of Atari 2600 cartridges full of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Much to our surprise, the cartridges were held intact rather well, sadly the boxes and instruction booklets saw better days. There are some gaming myths that we may never uncover. In the case of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, this myth has been confirmed to be true. This was history in the making. So much history that Director Zak Penn will be creating a documentary about the myth and dig. No release date has been given. Rest easy friends, conspiracy theorists especially.

Seriously guys, do not try and play this game. On second thought, just bury them all again. May as well throw all copies of Superman 64 in there as well.


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