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Robin and Lucina Join Super Smash Bros.

July 14th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

After a mega tease from Sakurai on Friday, and a BUNCH of speculation, we’ve finally learned who the new character…or should I say…characters…are in the next Smash Bros. game.

Straight from Fire Emblem Awakening comes Lucina and Robin. This makes the representatives from Fire Emblem now equal four (Marth and Ike were already confirmed).

These are easily two very welcome additions. Lucina is the first female Fire Emblem character to be in Smash Bros (female Robin doesn’t count), and like Marth, wields the mighty Falchion. It’ll be interesting to see how different she is from Marth, time will tell I guess.

No doubt the one fans will be talking about most is Robin. For he is the first Fire Emblem magic user to appear in Smash Bros., a request that many fans have wanted for a while. And in his reveal video, he shows off thunder, wind, fire, and darkness magic attacks. He also wields the Levin Sword, making him a true dual threat.

A curious misconception that’s sprouted up because of the reveal video is whether Chrom (the Lord from Awakening) was a playable character or a skin for Lucina. The answer, is neither. If you watch the end of the trailer, you’ll see he tag teams with Robin in his Final Smash. Which is a call to team up system Awakening used.

Oh yeah, and Captain Falcon got revealed as well. And quite epically I might add. To see all the Smash Bros. reveal epicness, just watch the video below. Then tell us what you think about the new characters!

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