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Slots and Pop Culture: How Casual Gaming Reflects the Taste of the World

February 7th, 2017 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


Video games follow a variety of trends. Usually, there’s an innovative game that catches on with the public, and most other game publishers start following suit. It has happened with FPS games several times – they were called “Doom clones” and later “Quake clones” before the term “first person shooter” became widespread. It has happened to real-time strategy games, it has happened to multiplayer online battle arenas, it has happened to massively multiplayer online universes, it has happened to sandbox games, and it will happen to all other successful game types – unless they will be patented.

The world of online casino games is very different. They are simple, casual games, most of them following the same tried and tested recipe. Slot machines have not changed a lot over their history of more than 100 years – today’s titles at the Euro Palace mobile casino are a lot like they were a century ago, only with more reels, more pay lines, more symbols, and a lot of different themes. The basics of video slot machines are the same across casinos, across developers, across continents. The only thing that’s truly variable is the games’ theme.

Slot machine developers have a handful of go-to themes, proven to be well received by players. Most of them are classics that show up everywhere in our casino culture: the treasures of Egypt, the pot of gold hidden by the leprechaun, the variety of lucky symbols known to the Chinese culture, and so on. Just take a look at the Euro Palace game library: it has more shamrocks than Ireland, more firecrackers than a Chinese festival, and more pyramids and Egyptian gods than Egypt itself. If these were the only games at the Euro Palace, it would quickly become boring for its players. To keep them constantly returning for more, the Euro Palace always launches new games, with an incredible variety of themes, yet always in tune with the time of the year.

Last fall, the Euro Palace launched a game with a very popular theme – zombies – at the right time of the year: ahead of Halloween. Lost Vegas worked much like a traditional slot machine but its visuals made all the difference: it looked a bit like it was inspired by Telltale’s popular “The Walking Dead” video games. And it was a success. At the beginning of this year, the casino decided to pay an homage to the Chinese culture – with the Chinese New Year coming, that was the perfect time to launch such a game – and released a slot machine inspired by Huangdi, the legendary Yellow Emperor, thought to have been the forefather of the whole Chinese civilization. In February, the casino plans to add another game in tune with the time of the year: Secret Romance, as its name suggests, is built in tune with Valentine’s Day.

All these show that the games at online casinos are made for the masses. They are not setting trends – they are most likely to follow them, offering players something familiar to go to when they try their luck at online casino games.

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