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Top 10 Reasons to Look Forward to Saints Row IV

July 13th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments



Here at FTN we are looking forward to the next instalment of the Saints Row franchise, a game that started as a basic GTA clone then evolved into something very fun indeed.
Al the Bald Gamer Dude lists the top 10 reasons he wants to play the game.

10. Saints Row 3 was a great game

It’s true Saints Row 3 was a shocking game, something that came out of nowhere and gave me countless hours of fun. When the main game was finished I even found ways to stay occupied by playing mini car skeet shooting (I’ll explain another day) or by just flying around attacking random people.
This game proved that they had moved away from the GTA clone for good to become something so very different.

9. It is the ending of this storyline

The story of Saints Row started with you building up the Saints, and then taking over a city. Then came the third game where you had marketed the world, had your own soda, clothing line and TV show.
The fourth game has you as President of the United States; the Saints are at the top of their game.
The developers have said that this will be the end of this Saints Row storyline, a story that has spanned 4 games and changed a lot.
It’s always sad to see the characters you have come to love be laid to rest but it does pave the way for new characters and story arcs.

8. 8 bit gaming

It seems silly but in one of the trailers it shows you being transported into an 8 bit text based game. Who doesn’t want that ridiculous idea to come to light?

7. The release date

The thing about the summer is that all the big movies may be pumped out but games stay quite stagnant. With minimal releases and end of year reports it can seem that gaming becomes stale, most people are pouring over the games they haven’t gotten around to and look forward to the coming months  where the big releases come before Christmas.
Saints Row 4 is releasing at the end of August. Which gives a lovely end to the summer and also fills your sandbox gaming needs until GTA V comes out in September?

6. Keith David

Nuff Said

5. Wub Wub Gun

The special edition of the game comes with a wub wub gun, essentially a gun that shoots dubstep at people. You may hate dubstep but I’m sure you will love shooting it at people and seeing them dance out of control.
If you love dubstep then even more reason to look forward to this weapon of dance destruction (I’m sorry that pun was bad)

4. Superpowers

The trailers have shown you gain superpowers at some point in the game. Being an open sandbox game with a hint of ridiculousness I can’t wait to see what powers I can acquire and how best or worst to use them.

3. Controversy

Saints Row IV was refused classification in Australia which is essentially banning a game.
The ban stemmed from casual drug use and an alien weapon known as the anal probe gun.
The anal probe gun is used for attacking enemies from behind and launching them into oblivion, it sounds like an absolutely hilarious concept.  These things are now being recoded so the game can be released in Australia. If you are anywhere else and playing the game just smile in glee knowing somewhere a politician decided that an anal probe gun wasn’t just some fun and could scar some people for life.

2. Aliens

Yeah that’s right; the story this time is an alien invasion with the Saints saving the world. How many times have you wanted to go toe to toe with aliens just for some fun?
I imagine there will be some UFO’s to fly around and a plethora of ray guns to use, it’s going to be like Independence Day on drugs.

1. Customisation

The absolute beauty of a Saints game is the level of customisation you have at your fingertips. In Saints Row 3 you could actually have a zombie character, voice and all. You have the power to create your character how you like. Dress them how you want. Have them act how you want.
There’s even options to dress your gang how you want, upgrade your house; upgrade your cars and almost everything else. It’s a vane persons dream and one that isn’t available in many games.

So there you have it. A list of ten things to look forward to, now that you have seen it tell us what you are most looking forward to from Saints Row IV?

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