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Electronic Arts to release Star Wars squad shooter?

February 11th, 2016 by Dave Bowling Comments

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So, does EA have a Star Wars-based squad shooter in the works?

Possibly. Take what follows with a pinch of salt. As the immortal Brian Glover once said: “This is rumour control! These are the facts.”

2005 saw Electronic Arts release Star Wars: Republic Commando, a group shooter set during the Clone Wars (pictured above). The Reddit user Alpha_Cukie in the Star Wars Leaks subreddit claims to be “involved in the process of creating the ARG (Alternate Reality Game)” meant to accompany the announcement later this year of Star Wars: Imperial Commando. The announcement will supposedly be made at E3 this year, with Alpha_Cukie providing two screenshots from the development, one a login screen and the other a countdown set to expire during the show, and several details:



*  Release will be November 2017.
*  It will be released for Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo NX and PC.
*  No surprise: The engine will be FrostBite. SW:IC will use FrostBite 4.
*  Main focus will be on the campaign, but it will have an multiplayer. CoD like (small maps, fast paced, etc)
*  The biggest feature: Coop! SW:IC will deliver the best experience when played by 4 players!
*  Each player has unique gadgets and features. The leader (RC-1138) can give orders to the others.
*  The HUD and the helmet-view will even be more important than in Republic Commando.
*  There will be vehicles, only in some few parts of the game (Halo-like).
*  Environment will mostly be destructible and take effect on the world (Shoot some glass in space= everything will get soaked out)
*  Since its mostly an storydriven game, it will have a f*ckin huge campaign and a lot of planets of the universe (+20hours).
*  There will be an app, that can be used as second screen (like the fallout 4 pippoy) for gadgets/weapons/radar…..

Of course, there’s the chance this could all be a colossal hoax. EA has just about abandoned developing games for Nintendo so anything for the NX is very unlikely. Additionally, Alpha_Cukie states that the countdown expires on 15 June during EA’s presentation. Thing is, the 15th is a Wednesday and EA’s press conference is usually held on the Monday.

So, nothing concrete. This could be epic; but it could be so much bullsquirt. We’ll let you know when we do.

Source: Techno Buffalo

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