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VIDEO GAME REVIEW: FTN reviews LEGO Jurassic World

June 24th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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Lego Jurassic World
Warner Bros. & TT Games
Multi platform (PS4 review)

Considering there are almost thirty Lego Video games in this style, I am surprised to announce that this is the first one I’ve taken the time to sit down and experience fully. Lego games, such as the Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Batman series, are interesting and fun. The intelligence of the child audience is respected and not condescended which allows the adults who are playing it to enjoy the good natured childish humour.

They have even managed to make the Tyrannosaurus Rex eating a human alive, while he (the human) is both metaphorically and literally crapping his pants, cutesy and fun. The velociraptors are shown to be intelligent with both fashion, music and motorbike riding and the open world style of the parks leaves a lot of room for replay value. Each of the Dinosaurs has its own personality and the velociraptors are cheeky and fun, while the Triceratops is cute and gentle, considering it’s hugeness.

At present I have been playing the game for 14 hours and, according to the save file, am still under 50% complete. You can unlock everyone who had anything to do with the film as a playable character including Spielberg, Mr. DNA and a collection of dinosaurs and nameless extras.

You can play all four movies, start to finish which is blessed with the increasingly famous Lego sense of humour and style, despite not being able to die as your characters just explode and rebuild, the Kitchen scene with the velociraptors is as tense as ever.

For anyone not used to playing the Lego games they have a signature style that forces you to replay the game again and again, unlocking characters and other lovely goodies, including a handful of trophies for trophy hunters like myself, this often requires you to replay all four games a few times. You may find Alan scratching his head and looking confused at a control panel back in 1993 because it is controlled by Wi-Fi, which takes you to unlocking a character from the present day Jurassic World to be able to understand it. One of the rewards comes about once you have collected 65 million of the wee lego bits that you collect as your currency, I assume a reference to the day that the Dinosaurs went out of date and had to be destroyed by an angry planet.

The only thing bad about the game is that, at present, there are some bugs stopping trophies from popping, doors from opening and smiles from happening as you have to replay the level five times instead of four just because something hasn’t appeared on the screen when you want it to. Aside from the lovely animation of various characters full on diving straight into a massive pile of dinosaur turds, some of the ‘special moves’ of the individual characters are a bit tedious to have to repeat over and over. Ultimately the game is forgiving and interesting, to the point that I am reviewing three games at the moment, one of which is Elder Scrolls Online and in the past week I’ve still managed to put almost 15 hours into Lego Jurassic World. Or Lego Jurassic Park Word as I insist on calling it to annoy people like me despite that being nearly impossible.

It’s a very addictive fun game that is probably more fun than it should be, possibly because it’s the first Lego game I’ve played, but if you loved the movies, or even just like Dinosaurs then throw this one a bone. A big dinosaur bone. Rawr.

4 out of 5 Nerds


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