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VIDEO GAME REVIEW: FTN reviews Plants vs zombies: Garden Warfare 2

March 18th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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Plants vs zombies : Garden Warfare 2
PS4 / Xbox One

The benefits of living in a world populated exclusively by zombies and aggressive plants may seem to be less than obvious to a casual bystander. It would be the worst nightmare of a gardener and a coroner by a long shot. Luckily, nothing says fun to me quite like setting my best sunflowers and dandelions on the still rotting but reanimated corpse of recently deceased loved ones and strangers alike. This game is basically a scenario wherein you shoot things over and over again, like some of the most popular games in existence.

However, Plants vs Zombies : Garden Warfare 2 is ‘aimed’ at a younger audience of teenagers (13 years old according to the box’s small print), to keep their hands busy while they wait with perpetually masturbaited breath until their eighteenth birthday so they can buy Call of Duty instead. The likelihood of this being a majority seems slight as there is probably one child per class that has the parents strict enough to enforce these well thought out and documented guidelines.

This could be detrimental as games aimed at children are usually, though not always, derivative and udder cowshit. The thing that you, by which I mean ‘I’, wouldn’t expect is for Plants vs Zombies : Garden Warfare 2 to have a personal and very unique, fun and effective game mechanic that gives the game a feeling that would shame most first or third person shooters created for an adult audience. The only itch the game doesn’t scratch for the young people I spent a lot of my past serving in CEX, is the lack of grotesque blood and violence. Sometimes the only reason I, as a young teenager, would ever buy an album was because it had parental advisory written on it, and therefore a game or movie wouldn’t be worth buying if there wasn’t a promise of blood or naked people. Because that meant they were better.

Now that I have aged and naked people are more readily available and blood is usually a sign of standing up too fast or cooking irresponsibly, I have found that I can appreciate games aimed at children, or at least games that aren’t exploitation inspired more easily. The script in Plants vs Zombies isn’t going to be drawing any major comparisons,but everything else, the soundtracks, the colours the playability are very very good.

On the flip side it is just a game where you shoot things and there’s only so much I can take personally. I have little joy elicited from spending fake money on fake trading cards to get fake clothes for fake reanimated dead strangers. The most childish thing about shooters, apart from the term ‘shooters’, is the fact that there is no preference given to a storyline almost ever, and instead resort to generic dialogue that quickly causes my brain to dissolve in my skull like a berocca.

Over all the game is perfect if you enjoy shooters, don’t let the fact that it’s bright and cheerful trick you into thinking it’s going to be childish or too easy, because I have seen twenty-one year olds suffer excruciatingly at the hands of a zombie wave, and I there are a lot of side quests and the online play is really insane and energetic. It’s not a must buy.

3 out of 5 Nerds

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