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Watchdogs Delay Explained by Ubisoft

December 19th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Like many, I was disappointed with the news that Watch Dogs had been delayed until Quarter 2 of 2014. From the pitch that had sold it to me from the beginning, it seemed like a great game that bridged media devices and gathered many of the elements of other games together with its own original plot. Well, Ubisoft’s Laurent Detoc took some time out to explain to IGN yesterday why they made the decision to hold back.

‘There were already some lingering doubts, but we were plowing through it. There were more than a thousand people touching that game. Then eventually, a month later, we said, ‘this is not gonna fly.’ Detoc explained.

‘(In) some games, you just can’t make them that much better because of how they’ve been progressing. We know it’s not where we want it to be. Can it get there? What will it take to get there? That’s why it takes a longer process. But in August we really thought we were going to have that game at launch.’

Ubisoft have stated in earlier interviews that Watch Dogs will become a brand, which will see sequels if successful. And part of the decision to delay and try to perfect the game was to ensure that not only was a new game successful in a market where annual sequels cover the charts, but to ensure that a new brand begin too.

“Could we make more money if we did it another way? Maybe. There’s a long term and short term mentality that comes into play here. Ubisoft is very much focused on the long term. That’s why quality is important. It’s why I talk about brands the way I did earlier. It’s why we built all these studios,” Detoc stated.

I don’t think Ubisoft have taken the easy way out. The game will have other games to contend with on next gen, including Elder Scrolls Online. This decision could be what Watch Dogs needed to contend.

But what do you think? Was it the right decision? Or have you stopped watching out for Watch Dogs?

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