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Why Nerds Love Online Gambling and Why the Rest will follow?

August 31st, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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The world of online gaming has been rapidly growing in size with each passing year as game developers, casino operators and governmental bodies were continuously investing time and money to make the online gaming community a safe and enjoyable place for all. From dedicated VR casinos to platforms encompassing all gambling domains, the internet has it all. And if it doesn’t, it will surely produce it before you can say “Jackpot!”

Nerds have always played their part in online gambling activities, ever since the first online casinos were conceived back in the 90s, and to no surprise. Online casinos have gone to incredible lengths to be accessible, affordable and playable to anyone, regardless of whether you had deep pockets and a smooth gaming machine or played minimum wagers on your old desktop. You can even find casino reviews for free at and similar sites nowadays, which only adds to the already amazing accessibility that online operators have established. But the easy access and open-to-all vision are only part of the appeal, as online gambling has much more to offer.


Excellent Games

Online gaming is, first of all, all about the gaming experience. Casino game developers have gone a long way since Microgaming released their first online slot and they have been going at full speed ever since. If you ever visited an online casino, the first thing you’ll notice is that it will be loaded with games, most of which will be slots. However, a great selection doesn’t always mean a great gaming experience.

What makes casino games so exciting is that they are made with the same attention to detail and bring the same dose of awesome gameplay as top PC or console games. Just try out any slot and you’ll see the lengths that game developers go to create an immersive gaming atmosphere with impeccable graphics, stunning visuals and sounds, and catchy bonus levels that are only complemented by the prospects of winning more money as you play. And this flawless design isn’t exclusive to slots only. The same standards can be found in card and table games as well.

Money Making Opportunities

Of course, online gambling isn’t all about the games – there’s also the potential of winning extra cash or turning your life around if lady luck serves you well. Nerds like earning money just like everybody else and online casinos or poker sites bring a thrilling twist to this appeal.

Depending on the games played, online casinos can be anything from a source of side income or a living to a life-changing playing platform. Card games, for example, will have you rely on your skill to win anything from half to 3x + your wager, but if you want to really hit it big (even millions) you can go for a progressive slot machine where you’ll have to rely more on your fortune. Regardless of the game, the mere sound of clinking coins echoing as you play on is more than enough to get anyone excited, nerds included.


Brain Exercise

Online gambling is not something you start with the hopes of letting your brain take a break while you burn through all your savings. Online gambling takes real skill and tactics – if you want to fully enjoy it.

One of the reasons why nerds like online gambling is the extent of brain practice they get while preparing for and playing games. Those who take it really serious, normally start by devising a budget and gaming plan before they set on their casino adventure that involves taking lessons from business planning educational videos and articles, which is only a part of the learning experience involved.

The other part is the practice of mathematics, logic and game theory involved in playing casino games the smart way. Serious nerds enjoy the strategic and theoretical challenges they face when they want to develop their Blackjack skills just as much they enjoy practicing their people-reading skills and relying on probability theories to win a rich poker hand. This mental workout that online gambling stimulates is one big part of the overall attraction – a part which appeals to all, nerd or not.


And finally, outside all the quality games, the money, or the brain workouts, some nerds just love online gambling for the mere thrill of it. Just like you see people fervently swiping away on Candy Crash Saga, some people just enjoy casino games because they are fun. These are normally people who don’t wager much nor spend a lot at every venue, but only play every once and a while to have some fun and possibly win a few credits.

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