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Xenoblade Chronicles Would Be More Story Driven In Next Title

December 5th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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One of the big holiday releases for Nintendo just came out in the form of Xenoblade Chronicles X. The sequel to the popular Xenoblade Chronicles. Though time will tell if the game is successful enough to get a sequel, the game’s director Tetsuya Takahashi is already in idea mode for what it will be like. In an interview with Game Reactor, he explained that unlike Xenoblade Chronicles X, the next Xenoblade game will focus more on being a story game:

“While Xenoblade Chronicles was a true story-driven JRPG, we took a rather different approach with Xenoblade Chronicles X. You could say it doesn’t really feel like a typical JRPG: what really sets it apart from other JRPGs is that the game world — the planet Mira — is really vast.

I’ve heard that some Japanese users who played Xenoblade Chronicles X said they enjoyed a more story-driven type of game. So if we have the opportunity to make another game in the series, I’d like to make another typical JRPG-style game like Xenoblade Chronicles again.”

Even more interesting is the fact that instead of just combining what made the first two Xenoblade Chronicles games great, he wants to a expand into a new genre if a third title gets made:

“The Xenoblade series has always had a different genre for each game, with the previous game being fantasy, and now turning to science fiction. I hope we will be able to continue the series like this, exploring lots of different settings, rather than being confined to a specific genre.”

When the initial sales or shipping numerous come out for Xenoblade Chronicles X, we will report them.

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