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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews The Bounce #4

August 22nd, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Writer: Joe Casey

Pencils: David Messina

Inks: Gaetano Carlucci

Colorist: Giovanna Niro

Publisher: Image

Bounce is one of the newest titles from Image, and let me tell you, if you aren’t reading this you need to start…NOW!

Bounce follows a new superhero who is still adjusting to his new ‘powers’, while also trying to figure out how he got them to begin with. It appeared in issue #1 that his recreational drug use may be behind them, but as the story advances it seems this may not be the case.

This issue does not disappoint. While it is more of a set up issue for issue 5, it does a good job of keeping the reader interested. There is a fight between Bounce and a Spanish-speaking monster, which proves to be a bit of a challenge for our new hero. It’s not quite clear where this monster came from but in time I’m sure all will be revealed.

We also get to see Jasper (Bounce’s human identity) go in search of a psychic who specializes in people with powers. I’m not sure he gets the answers he wants from her, but I think it’s safe to say she will be a regular in this series. Jasper definitely has a lot on is plate as just a regular human; his brother is an assistant DA who is constantly on his case, he just lost his parents, and it appears he was in a experimental medical study with one of his best friends in which he was the only survivor… Or so it seems.

The artwork of this series is amazing. The first and last couple pages are always spreads of a psychedelic swirl that reminds me of wind, or mountains etc depending on the issue. They just mesmerize you and I find myself staring at them for long periods of time. The colors in the different panels can go from dark to bright rainbow swirl then back to dark and it makes it hard to have a dull moment.

I like that this comic is drawn with pencil instead of ink. It’s not something I commonly see in the comics I read, and you can really see the difference; I love it. You get more shading variations with pencil and it just gives it more depth and feeling. David Messina does an amazing job with this book.

Image is definitely giving Marvel and DC a run for their money. In the next couple years I can easily see Image titles being on top of the comic world. So start reading now so you don’t miss out on something epic later.

4 out of 5 nerds


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