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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews The Walking Dead #109

April 11th, 2013 by Christopher Williams Comments

Written by Robert Kirkman

Pencils and Inks by Charlie Adlard

Colors by Cliff Rathburn

Some of you know me for my reviews of The Walking Dead TV series, but I have never written one up for the comic. The comic was something I hadn’t had much exposure to until recently when I went on a tear a few weeks ago and read issues #1-108 in a matter of a few days, hell yes, its that good. So since we have a new issue this week I thought I would jump on with a TWD comic review.

Things have changed drastically over this arc as a new threat has presented itself to Rick and his community in the form of Neegan, a psychopath who relies on extortion to keep his group fed. Though Rick had been playing ball with Neegan, we found out recently that its all a ruse and that he actually plans to take Neegan out. The ball continues to roll here as Rick and Jesus try to solidify their forces to strike against Neegan. Rick clues in the members of his own party, who he had been leading to believe that he was dealing with Neegan in a civil manner, and he gets varying degrees of responses. Andrea is all for it, but the hold out here is Michonne, who is finally tired of all the violence and just wants to settle down. I can’t say I blame her, but damn girl, Rick really needs you by his side for this to work, and after the way Neegan took out Glenn, how could you not be chomping at the bit to lice this guy’s head off?

Jesus gathers support in the safe zone for Rick’s campaign, and it seems that the leader of the safe zone, Gregory, didn’t really think that fighting back was going to be an option. It’s clear that Gregory doesn’t have the balls that Rick has, and that is seriously disappointing. It seems that Gregory is happy living under subjugation, but in this world that is no way to live. It seems that Jesus also had misplaced faith in another member of the safe zone, and it will be more than interesting to see how that will play out. Their whole plan could go belly up before it starts, but knowing Rick, he may have a work around for that.

The other big story here was Maggie and Sophia dealing with the fallout from Glenn’s death and being in a new place now that they are settling into the safe zone. Without Glenn she may be lost, but it seems that she may be trying her best to move on. I am concerned for her character as she has proven to be weak in the past with the suicide attempt and all, and now that she is pregnant, things will only get that much harder. Gregory has also taken to hitting on Maggie, and I have to say, I am tired of the whole community leader trying to score very new chick that joins. We dealt with that back when Andrea first showed up to the community she inhabits, and it was lame then. Ladies remember, in a zombie apocalypse, stay away from the seemingly kindly old leader of huge communities. Speaking of the old leader, his son Spencer is now trying to take Rick’s spotlight. It seems that he is jealous of Rick’s leadership and jealous of Rick’s relationship with Andrea. I’m not going to go too much into Spencer, all I’m going to say here is good luck with that if you think your sheltered ass can take Rick Grimes out.

Overall this was a pretty good issue, though light on action, the plot was moved forward quite nicely, its one of those issues that sets up a huge shocking issue to come, the calm before the storm so to speak. The art always shines in this book, and this issue was no exception. I really love the style it’s done in, especially the facial work. The expressions always sell the gravity of any given situation more than the story itself does. Kirkman is super lucky to have found a great artist who has stuck. One problem with the art in many books, especially from the big two publishers, is a revolving door of artists and writers, leaving many books to be lost without a voice or clear direction. The Walking Dead never suffers from that problem, it is in fact one of the greatest books I have ever read.

4 out of 5 nerds

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