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DC Comics announces Superman Unchained!

March 5th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr 1 Comment

USA Today has said that the previously untitled Superman series from writer Scott Snyder and artist Jim Lee will actually be called Superman Unchained. ( I like the way you fly boy. ) The first issue goes on sale June 12th, the same month that the Warner Bros.’ Superman reboot Man of Steel hits theaters. Well that’s pretty convenient isn’t it? The title will also feature back-up stories written by Synder and drawn by Dustin Nguyen.

“We’re all fans and we’ve all known this character for a long time,” Jim Lee tells USA Today. “You have to fight your natural tendency to do what you know or what you’ve always thought the character to be. We’ve been pushing the creators to not be beholden to the past conceits and understandings of Superman. So we will speak to a new generation of readers.”

Snyder adds: “If I think for a second, ‘I’m working on Superman,’ you get chills and it becomes very, very intimidating when you think of all the amazing stories that have come before. The way to approach a character as iconic as him is you just come at it from a standpoint of what you love the most about the character, and then write a story that explores that, tear it down and build it back up.”

Superman Unchained will also explore the Man of Steel’s supporting cast and “how they occupy his thoughts as he goes about the business of being Superman.”

“I know conceptually why he admires Lois Lane, but then when you’re writing them and you feel the chemistry between them and it comes to life on the page, it’s always these little bursts of surprises that have been a joy to discover with him,” Snyder says.

Superman Unchained will be previewed in DC’s Free Comic Book Day offering May 4th, featuring a story “with an adrenaline-filled, epic sequence featuring Superman busting loose and saving the day.” At least according to USA Today. With Lee and Synder on the book I think they’re right!

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