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Is DC Comics kicking off #Rebirth with a new Justice Society of America series?

February 3rd, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments
When DC teased us with their #rebirth just last month they really weren’t kidding around with their cryptic hashtag it seems, because we’re now hearing reports that an all new Justice Society of America series is coming soon.
Bleeding Cool news are reporting hat the ongoing title is to launch as part of this new continuity. Whether this is a brand new continuity, completely separate to the current New 52 storylines, or one that branches off from it is still to be seen.
An interesting point to note about the New 52 was that it never actually featured a “classic” Justice Society in their usual setup of the rough-tough squad scrapping it out in World War II. So fans have been waiting patiently, to say the least.
This new imagining of the team will act as a reintroduction to old JSA faithfuls and newcomers alike, as the series will act – as Bleeding Cool put it – as a “fishes out of water” story, “with an explanation as to why no one remembers them.”
Rebranding them (it is a Rebirth after all), the run will see the team “brought forward, young, to the present days,” and much to the delight of fans, actually seeing them “fighting alongside the Justice League of America.”
Now seems like the perfect time to capitalise on a Justice Society rebrand, especially with all the recent teases of the possibility of seeing a number of JSA members pop up in Legends of Tomorrow. 
With various sites trying to pull together what possible scraps of information on this Rebirth that they can, DC are remaining very tight lipped about the whole thing. With rumours of all shapes and sizes flying round – from the possibility of a brand new Batman/Wonder Woman/Superman series called “Trinity” in the works, to it all having tie ins to the big screen outings of “Batman v Superman,” “Suicide Squad,” “Wonder Woman” and beyond – as always, expect more on this one as we get it.

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