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What?! Batman asks Lois Lane out as DC Comics tease love interest

October 14th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

It sounds like something straight out of Dawson’s Creek, but it’s a question that Batman is eager to hear the answer to in this week’s Batman/Superman #15. In a preview of the upcoming issue, the brooding Dark Knight makes a somewhat cringe-inducing move on the Daily Planet reporter, which leaves him looking rather clumsy and awkward.

However, thanks to a reality-bending villain, Batman and Superman have lost their memories, so there isn’t much to worry about over this romantic mash-up.

The New 52 has pretty much thrown out a majority of the DC Universe’s playbook. So it is quite possible that after the superheroes memories are restored, that this relationship could still last.

“Batman/Superman #15,” by Greg Pak and Pascal Alixe, hits stands on Wednesday.



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